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Scale route. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream scale route. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

scale route 65

bowl route 15
Description: harmony in the family

gutter route 30

valley route 3
Translation: pessimism and bad mood

chainsaw route 36
Dream description: you're ready to tackle problems

accepts route 10
Meaning: sad days

metric scale 46

muffler route 69

hand scale 52

shirt route 30
What does it mean: false promises

friendship route 13
Meaning of the dream: false mirages in the work

buckle route 61
Description: lack of understanding

fork route 52
Interpretation of the dream: poor balance

Persian route 1
Translation: changes to be made

towel route 7
Dream description: you regret the past

spade route 55
Meaning: inner struggle

sling route 69

tin route 24

axis route 76
Sense of the dream: everything will be back

bombards route 66

pocket route 83
Meaning of the dream: Secrets Revealed

glazed route 18
Description: infidelity and neglect

candle route 27
Interpretation of the dream: economic improvement

lining route 4
Translation: adaptation difficult

cage route 81
Dream description: waste of money

pots route 77
Meaning: someone speaks ill of your work

cassock route 58
Translation of the dream: small gains

fringe route 50

tunic route 90

route livery 20

carboy route 67
Meaning of the dream: to curb impulsiveness

petticoat route 58
Description: pipe dreams

bayonet route 61

slow route 75

gondola route 20

coffee route 18
Meaning: insight in the work

toga route 30
Translation of the dream: divergences and disagreements

route blouse 58

real scale 24
Sense of the dream: desire for perfection

weight scale 29
What does it mean: obtain justice after allegations deserve

the landing of scale 23

basting route 64

goodness route 4
Interpretation of the dream: sadness

dark route 10
Translation: old problems to be solved

scale war 13
Dream description: secret ambitions

sticking with scale 75

carafe route 52
Translation of the dream: new interests

pillowcase route 63

Network route 1
Sense of the dream: rebellion counterproductive

vein route 75
What does it mean: agitation useless

uniform route 81
Meaning of the dream: to take responsibility

artery route 5

rope route 54
Interpretation of the dream: reputation compromised

groundwater route 9

ladder 9
Dream description: economic achievements

bell route 20
Meaning: need wait

barrel route 22

wide scale 2
Interpretation: brainer

adventurous route 80

shaped route 17

threshold route 15
Meaning of the dream: bitterness and disappointment

sled route 58
Description: sacrifices to bear

see the grindstone (grindstone) route 82
Interpretation of the dream: funeral

Cycling route 46
Translation: susceptibility

submarine en route 61
Dream description: detente in relations

scale long 90
Meaning: moral force

short route 80
Translation of the dream: critically

transit by a route 4
Interpretation: casual encounters