Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

say with cunning

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: say with cunning

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3 say with cunning
fake friends

45 use cunning
confusion of ideas

2 win with cunning
vain illusions

25 say goodbye to the doctor
unhappy passion

13 say goodbye Advocate
sudden change

68 say goodbye to neighbors
danger of delays

73 say goodbye after a visit
poor understanding

26 say goodbye

83 say with violence
waste of money

37 say lie
loss of friends

83 say lie maliciously
loss of sympathy

35 say lie for mercy
Safety obtained

2 gainsay
sacrifices for sentimental reasons

64 force you to say yes
tendency to vice

72 to say
small financial losses

46 to say the rosary
victory over enemies

17 say prayers
health and happiness

26 say Mass
heritage in view

77 say a lesson
suffering from injustice

10 to say jokes
ambition and selfishness

19 say their opinion
next gains

65 say novena
support received

40 just say

30 says charity
anxieties and remorse

2 saying hello with your hands
brilliant statement