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Save small ducks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream save small ducks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

eating ducks 28
Meaning of the dream: encounter serious financial difficulties

beak of ducks 65
Description: someone in your life that bothers you

Meat of ducks 57
Interpretation of the dream: back to more carefree times

save 67
Translation: you have many resources

save the flag 14
Dream description: arrival of a decisive help

save around the trees 49
Meaning: fake friends

swim to save someone 87
Translation of the dream: obstacles overcome

save the sinking 12
Interpretation: good omen

save a girl 2
Sense of the dream: issues to be clarified

save money 5
What does it mean: economic concerns

save time 65
Meaning of the dream: shrewdness and cunning

save effort 15
Description: very delicate health

save your strength 26
Interpretation of the dream: imprudence dangerous

save a son 18
Translation: brisk business

save a friend 81
Dream description: economic benefits

save a man 60
Meaning: enjoyable event

save a woman 14
Translation of the dream: deserved success

save a child 34
Interpretation: sudden joy

save themselves from a fall 72
Sense of the dream: brilliant statement

save someone from the fire 13
What does it mean: luck in business

save from drowning 47
Meaning of the dream: courage and humanity

save or be saved 10
Description: you have many resources

save a feline 75
Interpretation of the dream: you feel inadequate in some situation

become small 24
Translation: rise

be small 1
Dream description: you will be lifted up

small tree 64
Meaning: economic difficulties

small apartment 15
Translation of the dream: next pleasures

small boat 17
Interpretation: Excessive pedantry

small mouth 80
Sense of the dream: happiness satisfied

bloodhound small 21
What does it mean: loss of money

small boiler 23
Meaning of the dream: unanticipated changes

small dog 21
Description: financial worries

kangaroo with small 18
Interpretation of the dream: perfect agreement sentimental

small telescope 72
Translation: extravagant spending

hat small 12
Dream description: strong individuality

small house 11
Meaning: new initiatives

small waterfall 5
Translation of the dream: patience and tolerance

candle small 39
Interpretation: gains that fade

small talk 60
Sense of the dream: happiness with relatives

small church 6
What does it mean: melancholy and depression

small scar 27
Meaning of the dream: needs of relatives

small body 2
Description: hidden enemies

small kitchen 5
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction and pride

Many small dogs 6
Translation: good friends

beans small 76
Dream description: limited gains

small lake 19
Meaning: prudence in speech

small scythe 13
Translation of the dream: weakness of temperaments

small eyes 60
Interpretation: cunning discovery

small ears 67
Sense of the dream: lack of respect