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Save butterflies. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream save butterflies. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

butterflies 3
Meaning of the dream: inconstancy

hunt butterflies 61
Description: dangerous waste of money

seize butterflies 46
Interpretation of the dream: infidelity

chasing butterflies 36
Translation: quarrels dangerous

butterflies hunt them 4
Dream description: boyishness

cantharides (butterflies) 84
Meaning: haughtiness

save a feline 75
Translation of the dream: you feel inadequate in some situation

save around the trees 49
Interpretation: fake friends

save a son 18
Sense of the dream: brisk business

save a woman 14
What does it mean: deserved success

save a friend 81
Meaning of the dream: economic benefits

save the sinking 12
Description: good omen

save a girl 2
Interpretation of the dream: issues to be clarified

save a man 60
Translation: enjoyable event

save the flag 14
Dream description: arrival of a decisive help

save from drowning 47
Meaning: courage and humanity

save someone from the fire 13
Translation of the dream: luck in business

save or be saved 10
Interpretation: you have many resources

swim to save someone 87
Sense of the dream: obstacles overcome

save a child 34
What does it mean: sudden joy

save effort 15
Meaning of the dream: very delicate health

save 67
Description: you have many resources

save your strength 26
Interpretation of the dream: imprudence dangerous

shipwreck salvage their belongings 2
Translation: the only thing that matters to you the money

save themselves from a fall 72
Dream description: brilliant statement

butterfly collection 81
Meaning: business cheated

see moths fly 59
Translation of the dream: you will fall in the trap

save time 65
Interpretation: shrewdness and cunning

save money 5
Sense of the dream: economic concerns

rescue a poor 75
What does it mean: impulsive instincts

preserve the relic 36
Meaning of the dream: delight

rescue a child 46
Description: objective judgment

rescue his father 81
Interpretation of the dream: steadfastness of purpose

rescue friends 5
Translation: high aspirations

economize 21
Dream description: concern about money matters

rescue a woman 74
Meaning: Good news

fireflies at night 26
Translation of the dream: You were finally finding a landmark

dead butterfly 51
Interpretation: Hidden Danger

moth (butterfly) 22
Sense of the dream: vanity and loss

butterfly flying 13
What does it mean: changing ideas

catch the butterfly 41
Meaning of the dream: fickle affections

colorful butterfly 49
Description: extravagant spending

Butterfly on flowers 11
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant but vain illusions

be saved 25
Translation: a reward you will come to cost a lot

daylight saving 29
Dream description: waivers necessary

blackberry preserves 14
Meaning: optimism and confidence

eat preserves 19
Translation of the dream: unprofitable business

embalm dead 50
Interpretation: indirect benefits

rescue a drowned 27
Sense of the dream: reassuring news

store jealously 21
What does it mean: original ideas

storing a harvest 67
Meaning of the dream: luck in business

saved from a fight 65
Description: romances

embalm animals 49
Interpretation of the dream: health improvement