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Save baby falling from balcony. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream save baby falling from balcony. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

balcony with baby 42
Meaning of the dream: serenity disturbed

falling asleep with a baby 7
Description: receipts of money

save 67
Interpretation of the dream: you have many resources

save the flag 14
Translation: arrival of a decisive help

save around the trees 49
Dream description: fake friends

swim to save someone 87
Meaning: obstacles overcome

save the sinking 12
Translation of the dream: good omen

save a girl 2
Interpretation: issues to be clarified

save money 5
Sense of the dream: economic concerns

save time 65
What does it mean: shrewdness and cunning

save effort 15
Meaning of the dream: very delicate health

save your strength 26
Description: imprudence dangerous

save a son 18
Interpretation of the dream: brisk business

save a friend 81
Translation: economic benefits

save a man 60
Dream description: enjoyable event

save a woman 14
Meaning: deserved success

save a child 34
Translation of the dream: sudden joy

save themselves from a fall 72
Interpretation: brilliant statement

save someone from the fire 13
Sense of the dream: luck in business

save from drowning 47
What does it mean: courage and humanity

save or be saved 10
Meaning of the dream: you have many resources

save a feline 75
Description: you feel inadequate in some situation

look out to the balcony 51
Interpretation of the dream: avarice

balcony 50
Translation: hope

balcony with flowers 10
Dream description: unexpected events

balcony with a cage 20
Meaning: passing disappointments

balcony with children 19
Translation of the dream: lost affections

balcony with a woman 42
Interpretation: wrath

balcony collapses 80
Sense of the dream: malicious slander

illuminate a balcony 54
What does it mean: hard times

Pope to the balcony 70
Meaning of the dream: fruitful relationships

parapet of a balcony 12
Description: inconvenience to jealousy

King Balcony 50
Interpretation of the dream: bitter disappointment

Queen Balcony 41
Translation: novelties from afar

balcony fell 80
Dream description: you are the victim of gossip

balcony with lovers 35
Meaning: you need a person who is near

balcony with socks 10
Translation of the dream: Requests for protection

balcony with dog 83
Interpretation: concerns

balcony with cat 51
Sense of the dream: you need to strengthen your self

balcony with parrots 45
What does it mean: you have the wrong friends

balcony with monkey 62
Meaning of the dream: emotional disturbances

balcony with man 86
Description: clear objectives

balcony with pots 69
Interpretation of the dream: confusion and doubt

Cardinal balcony 32
Translation: career advancement

closing a balcony 41
Dream description: identity crisis

railing of the balcony 62
Meaning: strong anger