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Salt on the plant. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream salt on the plant. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

too much salt 90
Meaning of the dream: uncertainty and anxiety

little salt 2
Description: unexpected overtime

salt 9
Interpretation of the dream: fantasy lit

airplane salt 27
Translation: Good news

seasoning salt 8
Dream description: uncertain future

grain of salt 81
Meaning: trouble from women

salt bread 84
Translation of the dream: much vitality

pound salt 45
Interpretation: passing crises

pinch of salt 1
Sense of the dream: discretion and prudence

shopkeeper salt 7
What does it mean: await sad days

Refined salt 55
Meaning of the dream: threads for interest

reversal salt 72
Description: sorrows in family

salt water 24
Interpretation of the dream: exceptional opportunity

salt broth 26
Translation: depression and fatigue

salt dishes 38
Dream description: friendships concerned

sea ​​salt 20
Meaning: physical exuberance

mineral salt 12
Translation of the dream: good health

coarse salt 90
Interpretation: good earnings

fine salt 57
Sense of the dream: fantasy lit

salt in packages 3
What does it mean: affirmation difficult

buy salt 21
Meaning of the dream: profitable activities

pinch salt 46
Description: confidentiality and diplomacy

salt shaker 5
Interpretation of the dream: good agreement in family

dissolve salt 40
Translation: important trip

rub salt 45
Dream description: confidentiality and prudence

pour salt 75
Meaning: family trouble

wrapping salt 55

salt pork 2

salt cod fritters 50
Sense of the dream: unexpected aid

salt ricotta cheese 27
What does it mean: forced stay in business

salt shaker full 11
Meaning of the dream: good agreement in family

empty salt shaker 82
Description: personal achievement

overthrow the salt shaker 8
Interpretation of the dream: Restless Spirit

fill the salt shaker 85
Translation: minded

empty your salt shaker 2
Dream description: uncertainty

buy the salt shaker 73
Meaning: supports important

silver salt cellar 37
Translation of the dream: mood swings

salt shaker on the table 20
Interpretation: unexpected financial benefits

plant 7
Sense of the dream: fertility, spiritual development, growth or growth potential

will plant 32

water plant 33
Meaning of the dream: sensitive nature

plant food 32
Description: improvements to be addressed

Maple (plant) 9
Interpretation of the dream: enjoyment

milfoil (plant) 78
Translation: joy

wormwood plant 52
Dream description: kindness of friends

Artichokes on the plant 40
Meaning: impatience and irritability

dahlia on plant 3
Translation of the dream: promises and hopes

dates on the plant 26
Interpretation: novelty from a trip

knapweed plant 5
Sense of the dream: long life

power plant 90
What does it mean: much work

grow plant 27
Meaning of the dream: money

Strawberries on the plant 59
Description: windfall

beans on plant 85
Interpretation of the dream: concerns for the future

flax plant 30
Translation: fickle nature

lupines on plant 62
Dream description: favorable opportunities

geranium plant 27
Meaning: earnings

see the lotus plant 41
Translation of the dream: you have something to behold

plant a pole 66
Interpretation: momentary concerns

plant with flowers 19
Sense of the dream: unforeseen events

pot plant 80
What does it mean: changes conducive

plant in the ground 38
Meaning of the dream: new experience

dry plant 70
Description: likely misunderstandings

small plant 79
Interpretation of the dream: adventurous temperament

water the plant 20
Translation: good earnings

plant trees 1
Dream description: fighting strength

sage plant 56
Meaning: waste of money

plant parsley 13
Translation of the dream: happiness in family

plant onions 14
Interpretation: dangerous hazards

little seedling plant 88
Sense of the dream: many meetings with women

see a melissa (plant) 17
What does it mean: incautious purchases and damages related

plant a hazel 90
Meaning of the dream: beginning of a delightful love story

plant the peony 79
Description: six deeply in love

rhubarb plant 60
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected bonus