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Salary in envelopes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream salary in envelopes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

paste envelopes 3
Meaning of the dream: false position

anticipate salary 5
Description: good chance of success

receive a salary 73
Interpretation of the dream: economic difficulties

withdraw salary 19
Translation: fluke

pay 83
Dream description: tranquility and profits

biweekly salary 37
Meaning: excessive lavishness

salary increase 36
Translation of the dream: intruders

pay rise 20
Interpretation: serene cheerfulness

weekly wage 55
Sense of the dream: Decision unthinking

miserable pay 87
What does it mean: coincidences

pay the weekly pay 53
Meaning of the dream: successful completion of tests

reduced pay 19
Description: inner security

banker pay 18
Interpretation of the dream: change of situation

pay umbrella 16
Translation: prudence exaggerated

potatoes in envelope 54
Dream description: someone is hiding the truth

pay tax 71
Meaning: durable stability

envelope of letters 68
Translation of the dream: passion reduced

receive pay 39
Interpretation: waste of money

rata pay 6
Sense of the dream: your luck at most

thick pay 76
What does it mean: unrealizable projects

pay tool 47
Meaning of the dream: good proposals to sift

weekly pay 55
Description: Decision unthinking

distribute salaries 36
Interpretation of the dream: loss and damage

pay car 17
Translation: Decision to return

credit pay 50
Dream description: wishes fulfilled

pay salaries accountant 19
Meaning: right choice

collect the weekly pay 83
Translation of the dream: safe pace in business

envelope 3
Interpretation: passion reduced

hit man 46
Sense of the dream: unmet expectations

pay a hitman 50
What does it mean: unmet expectations

payroll 37
Meaning of the dream: help from relatives or friends

find an envelope 19
Description: experience helpful

empty envelope 80
Interpretation of the dream: liberation from melancholy

white envelope 27
Translation: useless information

bearer of the envelope 67
Dream description: secret reports

torn envelope 24
Meaning: great activities

close an envelope 61
Translation of the dream: New appointments

envelope with cards 16
Interpretation: awards undeserved

envelope with money 4
Sense of the dream: tenacity in work

pay homage 88
What does it mean: need for caution

pay tribute 38
Meaning of the dream: pride humbled

wages of the laborers 26
Description: laborious life

school fee 39
Interpretation of the dream: return of a love

pay a monthly 90
Translation: flattering promises

double pay 9
Dream description: in labor disputes

pay a worker 36
Meaning: love of the people

well paid job 17
Translation of the dream: sorrows

a double pay 65
Interpretation: reactions appropriate

pay book 15
Sense of the dream: sentimental disappointment

overtime pay 48
What does it mean: indolence and laziness

drunk as a sweet drink 18
Meaning of the dream: an influential person will help a lot

attending a function in the synagogue 20
Description: intellectual interests

fast meteors in the sky at night 33
Interpretation of the dream: great good news waiting for you

together 56
Translation: need for affection