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Safe double. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream safe Double. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

safe 90
Meaning of the dream: power

double 66
Description: abundance

Two double 27
Interpretation of the dream: increase your revenues

double up 64
Translation: abundance

seeing double 6
Dream description: shyness exaggerated

double talk 80
Meaning: happiness with relatives

open a safe 56
Translation of the dream: waste of money

Key safe 36
Interpretation: ephemeral achievements

close the safe 45
Sense of the dream: difficult situation

empty safe 2
What does it mean: care

open safe 15
Meaning of the dream: mild illness

double dowry 6
Description: cures and cares

force a safe 63
Interpretation of the dream: attitudes too casual

gain safe 45
Translation: optimism

double mattress 50
Dream description: union firm

wall safe 4
Meaning: waste of money

double pay 9
Translation of the dream: in labor disputes

double the capital 5
Interpretation: unwise decision

double a credit 30
Sense of the dream: difficult relationships

double a debt 35
What does it mean: momentary discomfort

double its staff 80
Meaning of the dream: successfully thwarted

a double pay 65
Description: reactions appropriate

double portion 64
Interpretation of the dream: slander

pay double 9
Translation: in labor disputes

safe haven 46
Dream description: reasonable decision

double staircase 22
Meaning: unexpected conclusion

pick a safe 10
Translation of the dream: solutions that are slow

break through a safe 88
Interpretation: promises to keep

rob a safe 6
Sense of the dream: bad news

to drill a safe 17
What does it mean: strange experiences

Safe with checks 42

Safe with money 52

Safe with documents 22

Safe with gold 25

double bed 60

Safe medication 88

alcove with double 71

safe bet 22

safe-deposit box 72
Sense of the dream: lack of freedom

study the double bass 42
What does it mean: original ideas

double-barreled shotgun 39
Meaning of the dream: struggles and difficulties

gain safe uncertain 44
Description: six disheartened

mail to a double game 50
Interpretation of the dream: affair secret

double violets out of season 42
Translation: processes, loss of property and friends

unsafe home 50
Dream description: poor organization

Commissioner of Public Safety 80
Meaning: bond of friendship alive and new

dome unsafe 14
Translation of the dream: weighting and prudence

safety razor 31
Interpretation: good investment

safety lock 14
Sense of the dream: of tension

safety pin 57
What does it mean: skills directives

roof unsafe 70
Meaning of the dream: request for help

safety valve 53
Description: consolation and assistance

Key safes 7

doubling 75

safeconduct 15