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Safe. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream safe. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

safe 90
Meaning of the dream: power

open safe 15
Description: mild illness

open a safe 56
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

close the safe 45
Translation: difficult situation

perforating a safe 17
Dream description: strange experiences

rob a safe 6
Meaning: bad news

force a safe 63
Translation of the dream: attitudes too casual

pick a safe 10
Interpretation: solutions that are slow

empty safe 2
Sense of the dream: care

break through a safe 88
What does it mean: promises to keep

Key safe 36
Meaning of the dream: ephemeral achievements

Safe with money 52

Safe with checks 42

Safe with gold 25

Safe with documents 22

wall safe 4
Meaning: waste of money

gain safe 45
Translation of the dream: optimism

safe bet 22

Safe medication 88

safe haven 46
What does it mean: reasonable decision

safe-deposit box 72
Meaning of the dream: lack of freedom

secure with bills 19

security 36
Interpretation of the dream: fulfill your obligations as a citizen

taking a risk 20
Translation: tiring journey

risk 84
Dream description: insecurity

mortal risk 38
Meaning: need understanding

sure recovery 70

seize the opportunity 25
Interpretation: false dreams

exposure to risk 65

safeconduct 15
What does it mean: attention to gossip

risk to the game 13
Meaning of the dream: discords

insurance against theft 40
Description: happy discovery

roof unsafe 70
Interpretation of the dream: request for help

dome unsafe 14
Translation: weighting and prudence

make sure against fires 84
Dream description: faithfulness in love

loud report 76

strong thread 58

sharp odor 70
Interpretation: new friends useful for the future

strong support 22

be saved 25
What does it mean: a reward you will come to cost a lot

safety razor 31
Meaning of the dream: good investment

Strong material 88
Description: increasing activity

show strong 8

enclosure reserved 18
Translation: fleeting euphoria

box 8
Dream description: you will be left last

strong vinegar 6

strong a word 48
Translation of the dream: prosperity

strong voice 34
Interpretation: happy hours

strong pulse 22
Sense of the dream: decision, courage

strong indisposition 86

strong liquor 88

feel strong 23
Description: You will be submitted

smell a strong 88
Interpretation of the dream: suspicions of someone

empty case 76
Translation: false dreams

box full 27
Dream description: foreign relations

cash books 16

small case 37

empty box 32
Interpretation: general relaxation

savings Bank 63

money box 88
What does it mean: work activities

litter box 6
Meaning of the dream: new ideas

alcohol, hard liquor 78
Description: dangerous neglect

make a loud ringing 88
Interpretation of the dream: seeking support

grandfather clock 7
Translation: collisions with older people

enclosure Weight 26
Dream description: interesting novelty

have a strong appetite 23
Meaning: removal of relatives and friends

sentinel in a strong 3
Translation of the dream: disturbing thoughts