Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams


The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: rush

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3 rush
difference of opinion

53 to rush
healthy inspirations

15 rush to someone's aid
cheated issues

74 rush hour
physical fatigue

7 rush of people
lack of courage

64 slow the rush
reproaches unpleasant

51 rush into the valley
jealousy and incompatibility of character

88 brushing her hair

45 hen rushes
dangerous situation

1 brush your teeth
donations from relatives

58 crush nuts
luck changing

25 Rock Thrush
donation by a woman

10 paintbrush
desire to drive out the problems

39 fine brush
creative force

54 coarse brush
goodness of mind

40 brush to shave
sacrifices to be made

64 Paint brush
lust for life

73 brush painter
inner restlessness

20 wash the brush
overcome difficulties

2 use the brush
squabbles interest

11 crush pepper
decisive action

15 crush almonds
good health

42 crush dry bread
prudence in action

74 crush the flea
excellent results

88 thrush
meetings very helpful

72 boulder to be crushed
six threatened and you can not control your enemies

62 crush a spider
serenity of spirit

20 crush
breaking something that prevents you from continuing on our way

62 crush a hat
surprises family

18 crush a pillow
weakness of character

30 crush an insect
social success

54 crush with hands
Excessive passion

8 crush with the feet
reasons of dissent

6 brush
desire to drive out the problems

46 brush bristles
satisfactions to a friend

15 horsehair brush
nice meeting

18 soft brush
limitation of freedom

3 stiff brush
favorable opportunities

60 clothes brush
optimism and euphoria

74 brush shoes
strong and lasting relationships

30 hairbrush
good business performance

88 employ the brush
regular job

5 buy brush
relationships involved

22 lose the brush
situation to be resolved

50 to brush
desire to drive out the problems

23 shoe brush
good chance

51 brush hats
unpleasant discussions

65 brushing carpets
innovative efforts

37 brush tends
physical discomfort

12 little brush
desire to drive out the problems

24 brush for nail
loyalty and constancy

10 brush teeth
emotional bonds to strengthen

21 use the toothbrush
uncertainty and indecision

2 buy a toothbrush
moments of fatigue

53 mat of rushes
ambition fulfilled

88 brushes

88 manufacture or see brushes

30 see thrush
tenderness and passion

42 hunt thrush
great news

6 eat a thrush
heightened tension

11 hear the song thrush
great joy and tranquility

63 avalanche rushes from the mountain top
need for caution

15 crush cockroach
do not let yourself break down