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Ruined world. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ruined world. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ruined abbey 19
Meaning of the dream: unexpected triumph

ruined castle 65
Description: fear of the future

ruined cloister 90
Interpretation of the dream: removal of a friend

ruined tower 83
Translation: annoyance and fatigue

ruined house 49
Dream description: uncertain future

ruined family 11
Meaning: unexpected triumph

the whole world 47
Translation of the dream: shall turn to better

away from the world 5
Interpretation: emotional experience

given the world 88
Sense of the dream: Passion for the game

new world 38
What does it mean: validated reports

old world 36
Meaning of the dream: attention to friendships

world Championship 90
Description: risky experiments

World Champion 90
Interpretation of the dream: sudden way out

doubt in the world 86
Translation: misbehavior

World Exhibition 7
Dream description: advantageous purchases

end of the world 8
Meaning: happy solutions

pilgrimage to the world 4
Translation of the dream: thoughts and poverty

Hunger in the world 82
Interpretation: nice meeting

travel the world 27
Sense of the dream: achievement of ideals

created the world 69
What does it mean: boredom and loneliness

World disarmament 32
Meaning of the dream: support effective

receipt worldly 49
Description: diplomacy and confidentiality

viveur (worldly) 17
Interpretation of the dream: contrariness