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Rubble lime. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream rubble lime. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

download rubble 43
Meaning of the dream: unjustified jealousy

collect rubble 30
Description: actions turbulent

load rubble 70
Interpretation of the dream: instability of mood

amass rubble 1
Translation: rivalry in love

heap of rubble 18
Dream description: forebodings unjustified

walk on the rubble 67
Meaning: you feel too pessimistic

white lime 73
Translation of the dream: nervousness and fear

lime with sand 12
Interpretation: obstacles to overcome

laborer who makes lime 47
Sense of the dream: They expect many difficulties

rubble 59
What does it mean: bad memories

slaked lime 51
Meaning of the dream: authorities conquered

Mix the lime 87
Description: depth of judgment

lime falling 35
Interpretation of the dream: excessive fanaticism

sink into lime 45
Translation: profit work

plastered with lime 42
Dream description: disease of short duration

gig with lime 65
Meaning: difficulties of adaptation

bowl with lime 7
Translation of the dream: sudden realization

quicklime 12
Interpretation: fear and jealousy

Live quicklime 57
Sense of the dream: arrogance of collaborators

squeeze the lime 8
What does it mean: discontent in family

infusion of lime 10
Meaning of the dream: reconciliation with relatives

heaping debris 85
Description: you re thinking about your past

lime soda 33
Interpretation of the dream: favorable business meeting

walking through the wreckage 16
Translation: you do not have trust in others

discard debris 56
Dream description: you want to erase your past

Clipper files 21
Meaning: not pleased events

Construction waste in bags 34
Translation of the dream: ill health

linden 28
Interpretation: eventful period

limestone 72
Sense of the dream: secret feelings

whitewash 32
What does it mean: intuition, a need for caution in speaking

break stones 23
Meaning of the dream: good health

see ruins 5
Description: godsend

farmhouse in ruins 76
Interpretation of the dream: setbacks on the road

wreck 2
Translation: danger of death

be over the ruins 20
Dream description: you will fall in great embarrassment

whitewash a wall 17
Meaning: you have new ideas

be on a wreck 19
Translation of the dream: you will be involved in an unfortunate

limestone footprint 10
Interpretation: inner blocks

limestone with strength 75
Sense of the dream: Remedies to be made

whitewashing building 79
What does it mean: you can help a deserving person

see wreck 35
Meaning of the dream: what remains a happy time now finished

whitewashing cellar 65
Description: liveliness

wreck of a ship 42
Interpretation of the dream: your attempt to change your life go up in smoke

limestone with hands 46
Translation: sure way

limestone with their feet 67
Dream description: quarrels with relatives

sinking wreck 16
Meaning: forgotten past

Construction waste transport 81
Translation of the dream: support to be given to an elderly

defrauding the state 10
Interpretation: unhappy union

defrauding a company 11
Sense of the dream: success uncertain

recover a wreck 30
What does it mean: living memories

wreck in shallow water 18
Meaning of the dream: you should respond to more than meet the difficulties