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Rubbing his forehead. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream rubbing his forehead. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bloody forehead 18
Meaning of the dream: danger of scam

forehead wound 10
Description: clear ideas

marked forehead 52
Interpretation of the dream: attitudes to be corrected

forehead 6
Translation: hassles passengers

wrinkled forehead 16
Dream description: apprehensions justified

fight forehead 11
Meaning: trouble for jealousy

wounded in the forehead 38
Translation of the dream: great danger when you know you lose your wealth

man's forehead 84
Interpretation: victory over enemies

dry your forehead 78
Sense of the dream: poor earnings

bandaged forehead 77
What does it mean: lack of understanding

bandage to his forehead 66
Meaning of the dream: decisive action and practice

high forehead 59
Description: faculty of judgment

bald forehead 86
Interpretation of the dream: misfortune

low brow 74
Translation: imprudence and error

pour rubbing alcohol 76
Dream description: agreements fruitful

woman's front 16
Meaning: great cunning

front hairy 88
Translation of the dream: anxiety

attack in front 60
Interpretation: obstacles and struggles

kissing in front 17
Sense of the dream: female friends

head on 11
What does it mean: your willingness to address the problems and issues in your life

scrubbing floors 70
Meaning of the dream: devotion to family

rub 23
Description: original ideas

lake front 56
Interpretation of the dream: You would break out some patterns in your life

rub shoes 38
Translation: trip likely

rub furniture 51
Dream description: increasing responsibility

shave her head 3
Meaning: sad loss

turn his head 1
Translation of the dream: confidences to avoid

straight ahead 18
Interpretation: you have luck in businesses

tiara on his head 15
Sense of the dream: lack of reflection

crow on his head 3
What does it mean: fallacious illusions

have garland on his head 88
Meaning of the dream: malicious slander

giraffe bends his head 14
Description: good luck

bring tiara on his head 40
Interpretation of the dream: romantic disappointment

put a turban on his head 18
Translation: novelty providential

whipped cream 18
Dream description: profitable business

tiara on his head to the pope 87
Meaning: new spiritual interests

cream 17
Translation of the dream: attention to debts

being cut off his head on the scaffold 77
Interpretation: perfect tranquility, as opposed to bankers and merchants

brushing carpets 65
Sense of the dream: innovative efforts

toothpaste 35
What does it mean: vain hopes of improvement

brush tends 37
Meaning of the dream: physical discomfort

brushing her hair 88
Description: melancholy

scrub friends 65
Interpretation of the dream: timid character

wipe with a cloth 45
Translation: strength of character

rub the body 67
Dream description: next fight or treason

rub salt 45
Meaning: confidentiality and prudence

scrub your fingernails 18
Translation of the dream: loss of money

rub your feet 71
Interpretation: favorable relations

rub their hands 16
Sense of the dream: momentary conquest

frowning face 46
What does it mean: unlucky trip

seafront 32
Meaning of the dream: keep updated on all news and events

cope maturity 74
Description: inner tranquility

black cope 58
Interpretation of the dream: challenges to overcome

cope golden 61
Translation: faithful love

cope embroidered 11
Dream description: friendships are renewed

cope silk 85
Meaning: realization

wear a cope 70
Translation of the dream: broadmindedness