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Royal banquet. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream royal banquet. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

royal banquet 80

offer a banquet 30
Description: unjustified anxiety

attending a banquet 9
Interpretation of the dream: wellness and health

banquet in family 34
Translation: quarrels

banquet modest 44
Dream description: Safety baseless

banquet in the house 8

Royal decree 55
Translation of the dream: to overcome indecision

Royal Standard 30

royal garden 33

royal throne 70
What does it mean: tranquility and well-being

royal prince 58
Meaning of the dream: discover pleasant

royal coronation 58

royal chariot 62
Interpretation of the dream: joys family

royal palace 11
Translation: fluke

royal couple 18
Dream description: immediate satisfaction

royal bed 40

royal escort 6

royal mantle 42
Interpretation: tenuous link

royal funeral 66

Royal Chapel 30
What does it mean: personal charm

Royal embassy 72

royal crown 42
Description: activity on the rise

royal family 13
Interpretation of the dream: Success in business

royal livery 40

royal procession 46

see Royal Palace 12
Meaning: envy the wealth of someone

Royal coat of arms 41

Royal Villa 20
Interpretation: good social relations

Royal highness 81

Royal residence 48
What does it mean: fear of initiatives

Royal alcove 57

to live in the Royal Palace 13
Description: your economic situation will meet a lot

real 37
Interpretation of the dream: fast solutions in business

real cash 40

real scale 24
Dream description: desire for perfection

real eagle 29
Meaning: new projects

real number 33
Translation of the dream: profitable activities

real Congress 47

real paper 77

sumptuous feast 46
What does it mean: fruitful achievements

carouse or feasting 84
Meaning of the dream: thoughts sorrow and discord in love

Real accredited 66
Description: waste of money

real fighter 42

real sedan 64
Translation: joy short-lived

real team 38
Dream description: novelty from a letter

managing real 20

crime towards a real 8

wedding feast 13
Interpretation: skirmishes of love

heron 75
Sense of the dream: you will be deceived

peacock 25
What does it mean: an inordinate ambition cause malicious comments and enmities

peacock feather 64
Meaning of the dream: extravagant ideas

see a peacock 24
Description: hubris

peacock ridge 46

catch a heron 70
Translation: being conquered

peacock cries 17
Dream description: uncertainty and doubt

disseminate real news 53
Meaning: satisfaction and recognition

heron in cage 41
Translation of the dream: courage in action

Peacock with fan 22

Peacock making the wheel 32
Sense of the dream: great benefits

stolen property 49
What does it mean: you are too credulous

revels 48
Meaning of the dream: joy of short duration, tightening of character

change of ownership 14
Description: recriminations later

attend a lunch 23
Interpretation of the dream: love for comfort

viaticum 33
Translation: high hopes

meal of friendship 86

birch tree 79
Meaning: good news

Easter communion 88
Translation of the dream: excellent earnings

Communion party 14
Interpretation: discovery of a secret of others