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Rowing against the wind. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream rowing against the wind. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

rowing against the wind 50
Meaning of the dream: restlessness and discontent

go against the wind 13
Description: small daily difficulties

rowing against the tide 12
Interpretation of the dream: ideas to be accepted

sail against the wind 26
Translation: You will face all the difficulties

upwind 40
Dream description: willingness and energy

be upwind 64
Meaning: willingness and energy

walking against the wind 24
Translation of the dream: excessive susceptibility

ride upwind 13
Interpretation: ambition and boldness

contrary wind 37
Sense of the dream: family trouble

blowing wind 8
What does it mean: physical fatigue

versus 47
Meaning of the dream: change activity

howling wind 15
Description: waste of money

wind noise 64
Interpretation of the dream: commitments and travel

wind to be under 57
Translation: considerable internal enrichment

swim against the tide 32
Dream description: emotional instability

branch knocked down by the wind 16
Meaning: difficult issues

roar of the wind 4
Translation of the dream: careful what you eat

sparse exposed to the wind 48
Interpretation: Unusual proposals

wind 80
Sense of the dream: impending disaster, even of a pollution, as earthquake or other

hear the whistle of the wind 24
What does it mean: painful anguish secret

flashlight wind 80
Meaning of the dream: emotional memories

up against a tree 89
Description: sudden love

sail with the wind in favor 65
Interpretation of the dream: You receive unexpected help

wind with dust 4
Translation: you have too much trust in the unreliable people

whistling wind 87
Dream description: great intellectual activity

up against a wall 18
Meaning: solution of a problem

fresh wind 45
Translation of the dream: availability of money

rowing on the boat 38
Interpretation: hopes

freeze to the wind 18
Sense of the dream: ill-intentioned relatives

cyclone wind 12
What does it mean: broken promises

up against a pole 29
Meaning of the dream: curiosity of neighbors

gust of wind 20
Description: fear of tomorrow

fight against the beasts 29
Interpretation of the dream: suffering and infirmity

rowing on the lake 48
Translation: nervous tension

driving against traffic 15
Dream description: next discomforts

rowing on the river 15
Meaning: awareness of their value

conspire against friends 59
Translation of the dream: good intentions

up against a piece of furniture 3
Interpretation: missed opportunity

wind storm 10
Sense of the dream: welfare loss

sin against the next 36
What does it mean: ferment of ideas

advise against the father 4
Meaning of the dream: supports interested

conspiracy against the state 4
Description: novelty for the job

leaning against evil 21
Interpretation of the dream: few scruples

conspire against the state 64
Translation: unexpected aid

hot wind 80
Dream description: interrupted negotiations

vote against 75
Meaning: change activity

rise up against any injustice 11
Translation of the dream: you can help a deserving person

anger against people known 63
Interpretation: success in your projects

Wind gusts 38
Sense of the dream: beginning of a change

testify against someone 32
What does it mean: anguish of love

insurance against fire 42
Meaning of the dream: difficult days