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Roasted and mouse over. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream roasted and mouse over. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Skylark roasted 19
Meaning of the dream: Tangible evidence of friendship

mouse tail 28
Description: triumph over enemies

muzzle mouse 16
Interpretation of the dream: feelings of resentment

cat and mouse 35
Translation: friendship misplaced

mouse 11
Dream description: the money you have paid will not be returned

live mouse 23
Meaning: your spouse you faithful

catch a mouse 70
Translation of the dream: skills in business

take a mouse 60
Interpretation: clarify misunderstandings

dead mouse 51
Sense of the dream: family disgrace

mouse in the house 88
What does it mean: your fortune threatened

mouse under the bed 68
Meaning of the dream: seemingly endless hassles

kill a mouse 34
Description: You have eliminated an opponent

grill with roasted 81
Interpretation of the dream: praiseworthy quality

mouse in trap 6
Translation: important news

roasted in the oven 69
Dream description: punished pride

mouse in the pantry 37
Meaning: Negotiations disappointing

roasted lark 80
Translation of the dream: tranquility

mouse in the bed 5
Interpretation: health hazard

roasted herring 2
Sense of the dream: difficulty annoying

roasted thigh 46
What does it mean: confusing situation

baby mouse 74
Meaning of the dream: need for affection

roast 19
Description: hope

liver roasted 44
Interpretation of the dream: good mood

mouse in the closet 55
Translation: family responsibilities

roasted goose 45
Dream description: You will soon be able to get out of a deadlock

roasted beans 66
Meaning: expenses advantageous

roasted chestnuts 31
Translation of the dream: satisfactions and gains

roasted quail 20
Interpretation: torments and remorse

roasted shrimp 77
Sense of the dream: amorous passion

roasted coffee 46
What does it mean: gratitude demonstrated

roasted rooster 16
Meaning of the dream: you will have the worse in a feud

fly over an abyss 34
Description: little ailments

roast chops 9
Interpretation of the dream: resourcefulness brave

roasted peanuts 4
Translation: excellent career choices

roast chicken 1
Dream description: advantageous deals

roasted poultry 7
Meaning: desire to escape

toasted bread 30
Translation of the dream: particular success

flying over the sea 11
Interpretation: exaggerated pride

mice on their person 74
Sense of the dream: long period of opposition

cocoa toasted 5
What does it mean: difficult relationships

roasted barley 46
Meaning of the dream: Security and order

fly over the rooftops 19
Description: emotional disturbances

roasted lamb 22
Interpretation of the dream: bad omen

roast pigeons 43
Translation: your business is the worst

roast kid 76
Dream description: wishes that come true

anoint the roast 66
Meaning: ambition and pride

roast volatile 9
Translation of the dream: would renew

roast venison 4
Interpretation: nervous tension

mice on his body 74
Sense of the dream: long period of opposition

rib roast 46
What does it mean: disinterested advice

eat roast beef 43
Meaning of the dream: health uncertain

gray mice 35
Description: desire for love

dragonfly above water 80
Interpretation of the dream: loving meetings