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Road full of stones. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream road full of stones. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

road cluttered 7
Meaning of the dream: uncertainty about what to do

dusty road 62
Description: sacrifices and privations

ancient road 22
Interpretation of the dream: nastiness to suffer

dark road 19
Translation: opposition of relatives

muddy road 79
Dream description: flattering success

dangerous road 90
Meaning: devotion to work

straight road 78
Translation of the dream: quiet life

cart with stones 17
Interpretation: experiences dubious

Bracelet with stones 70
Sense of the dream: war

Earrings with stones 36
What does it mean: reduced vitality

clip with stones 82
Meaning of the dream: energy dispersive

long road 90
Description: fruitful work life

narrow road 30
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous encounters

broken road 22
Translation: clear ideas

curving road 59
Dream description: interests in danger

smooth road 15
Meaning: vanity exaggerated

Mass of stones 26
Translation of the dream: you are not very sensitive to the circumstances

fix a road 3
Interpretation: dangerous adventures

reactivate a road 43
Sense of the dream: disorderly actions

road with curves 14
What does it mean: dangerous projects

lost on the road 41
Meaning of the dream: You are able to achieve the desired results

road with snow 85
Description: hard time

bypass road 78
Interpretation of the dream: inclined relationships with some acquaintances

pile of stones 54
Translation: difficulty somebody else s fault

country road 24
Dream description: initiatives sentimental

undermining road 26
Meaning: advantageous purchases

barricading the road 88
Translation of the dream: imprudent purchases

turn road 40
Interpretation: accuracy in decisions

road cyclist 14
Sense of the dream: favorable changes

pave a road 58
What does it mean: unpleasant criticism

lengthen the road 5
Meaning of the dream: loss to the game

refresh road 69
Description: solving business

sweeping the road 30
Interpretation of the dream: profits and advantages

shorten the road 50
Translation: presumption

illuminate the road 81
Dream description: health hazard

disaster road 63
Meaning: problems passengers

fuck the road 83
Translation of the dream: good health

cross a road 56
Interpretation: being unstable

fortify a road 76
Sense of the dream: The path of life is the right one

toad in the road 82
What does it mean: interests thwarted

road with ravines 59
Meaning of the dream: small dangers avoided

approaching the road 46
Description: balance between ideas and actions

good road 2
Interpretation of the dream: you underestimate

bracelet with precious stones 15
Translation: willingness relentless

small stones 5
Dream description: something bothering you and you would like to fix

count stones 80
Meaning: business combination

ring with precious stones 24
Translation of the dream: protection not required

bring stones 2
Interpretation: greatness

see stones 77
Sense of the dream: disease, anguish

bottom of the road 1
What does it mean: novelty coming

road blocked 28
Meaning of the dream: impatience

lose stones 7
Description: misfortune

measuring road 33
Interpretation of the dream: exaggerated sentimentality

dirt road 74
Translation: family quarrels