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Risk accident. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream risk accident. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

risk 84
Meaning of the dream: insecurity

to risk 11
Description: jealousy and quarrels

taking a risk 20
Interpretation of the dream: tiring journey

mortal risk 38
Translation: need understanding

risk to the game 13
Dream description: discords

exposure to risk 65

accident 56
Translation of the dream: anxieties and fears deep

killed by accident 27
Interpretation: Fears passengers

drown by accident 46
Sense of the dream: betrayal of women

attend an accident 9
What does it mean: humiliation

describe an accident 27
Meaning of the dream: narrow escape

with serious derailment accident 17
Description: you are in a difficult situation

hunting accident 44
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous situation

horror to an accident 20
Translation: restlessness

escape from an accident 60
Dream description: useful clarifications

road accident 60
Meaning: slight disorder

death by accident 70

If accidental 86
Interpretation: uncertainty of tomorrow

gaffe (accidentally) 57
Sense of the dream: violence

incest serious accidents 37
What does it mean: ruin

insurance against accidents 64
Meaning of the dream: support from friends

risking money 47
Description: dangerous habits

unnecessary risks 61
Interpretation of the dream: resourcefulness excessive

accidental 3

brisk walking 1

protect themselves from accidents 44

asterisk 12