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Revolver. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream revolver. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

revolver 41
Meaning of the dream: physical exuberance

revolver at night 16
Description: great excitement

hear the revolver 62
Interpretation of the dream: bright ideas

revolver day 81
Translation: problems to be solved

revolver armed 61
Dream description: emotional stability

revolver explosion 46
Meaning: sentimental enthusiasm

shoot the revolver 38
Translation of the dream: physical exuberance

target with revolver 80
Interpretation: great sadness

pointing a revolver 72
Sense of the dream: repair of a fault

stir old 29
What does it mean: restlessness unjustified

gun 70
Meaning of the dream: deception, boredom, anger

hexagonal 88
Description: disease

blank pistol 20
Interpretation of the dream: something wrong you would be happening

pistol kick 17
Translation: obstinacy in resolutions

pistol capsule 30
Dream description: false information

duel with pistols 2
Meaning: reconciliation with an enemy

pull the gun 9
Translation of the dream: risk of accidents

kill with a gun 23
Interpretation: misconduct

revolving door 17
Sense of the dream: new interests

revolving 61
What does it mean: mortification

threatened with gun 66
Meaning of the dream: need love

armed with a pistol 89
Description: need to actively influence the way situations

tumbling pushed 87
Interpretation of the dream: missteps

gunshot 45
Translation: success in work

point the gun at anyone 13
Dream description: attention to your excessive sensitivity

muffle a shot 24
Meaning: interests in danger

sheath gun 19
Translation of the dream: good faith betrayed

brandishing a gun 84
Interpretation: lack of courage

discharge of gun 35
Sense of the dream: decisive meeting

injure with the gun 42
What does it mean: deceptions and sadness

knock 78
Meaning of the dream: humiliation and shame

plot twist 21
Description: love interests

Hand shot 12
Interpretation of the dream: indecision and reticence

slash sword 12
Translation: you ll be greatly offended

shot stick 67
Dream description: good health

fluke 80
Meaning: generous feelings

knife blow 16
Translation of the dream: dangers to be avoided

sword stroke 11
Interpretation: notoriety and prestige

loaded gun 70
Sense of the dream: poor luck

footprint suddenly 55
What does it mean: sacrifices and privations

unloaded gun 48
Meaning of the dream: want to curb

rifle shot 48
Description: Councils concerned

load the gun 23
Interpretation of the dream: delays and discussions

cannon shot 8
Translation: deceit uncovered

shot filmstrips 5
Dream description: important protections

coup d'etat 7
Meaning: discretion and prudence

find the gun 22
Translation of the dream: painful betrayal

target with gun 10
Interpretation: unpleasant news

buy gun 84
Sense of the dream: triumph over enemies

receive a cudgel shot 46
What does it mean: measures to be taken

shortbarreled gun 8
Meaning of the dream: discovery of enmity

receive a blow in the eye 43
Description: someone obstructs your project

give it a shot cudgel 77
Interpretation of the dream: lack of courage

arm yourself with gun 10
Translation: concerns from relatives