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Revive someone. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream revive someone. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

revive a child 80
Meaning of the dream: righteousness and loyalty

revive a wounded 26
Description: position of responsibility

revive a drowned 2
Interpretation of the dream: vitality and momentum

revive a garment 73
Translation: opposition will walk

revive a schoolboy 14
Dream description: businesses difficult

revive colors 85
Meaning: agreement in family

revive a man 8
Translation of the dream: failure to repair

revive forces 12
Interpretation: decisions to return

revive a project 18
Sense of the dream: Good ideas

revive a fashion 33
What does it mean: unfounded jealousy

revive shop 77
Meaning of the dream: commitments embarrassing

revive a woman 44
Description: disagreements over money

burn someone 24
Interpretation of the dream: problems for your business

subjugate someone 77
Translation: try to be more humble

escort someone 48
Dream description: next meeting

deceive someone 13
Meaning: something is unrequited in love

track someone 13
Translation of the dream: assistance of friends and good luck

deface someone 31
Interpretation: Your action will leave a mark

approach someone 65
Sense of the dream: you ll have a new relationship

revive a friendship 28
What does it mean: torments unnecessary

goodness someone 19
Meaning of the dream: expect big disappointments

someone has wet 18
Description: a relative will help you

see someone wrecked 26
Interpretation of the dream: your marriage is in danger

see someone fired 68
Translation: person on whom they are serious doubts

remove someone something 45
Dream description: malicious gossip

revive a young 25
Meaning: common sense and intelligence

see someone bury 50
Translation of the dream: hopes to heal

see someone hanged 77
Interpretation: persecution

see someone running 34
Sense of the dream: moderates impulsivity

accuse someone 90
What does it mean: sorrows secrets

to embellish someone 39
Meaning of the dream: would you like to change the character of a person

to see stab someone 21
Description: art tormented by a rivalry in love

shave someone 16
Interpretation of the dream: provocation not collect

knock someone 6
Translation: lack of prudence

fire someone 43
Dream description: cut ties with someone negative

put someone to rest 24
Meaning: new interests

testify against someone 32
Translation of the dream: anguish of love

masturbate someone 72
Interpretation: sexual problems

save someone from the fire 13
Sense of the dream: luck in business

get rid of someone 63
What does it mean: tightness that you are living in the reality

give someone their vote 9
Meaning of the dream: happy optimism

someone 58
Description: excessive pride

shoot someone 5
Interpretation of the dream: heartbreak

see someone get a tattoo 4
Translation: important news in the work

stab someone 25
Dream description: defend yourself from an attack

run after someone 45
Meaning: waste of money

scramble someone 3
Translation of the dream: you are afraid of not being loved enough

being sent to someone 18
Interpretation: heavy responsibility

look like someone 3
Sense of the dream: others influence you too

stand in the way someone 64
What does it mean: mental conditioning

give drugs to someone 78
Meaning of the dream: dishonest people near you

silence someone 3
Description: you have too much arrogance