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Return weapons. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream return weapons. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

imperial weapons 51
Meaning of the dream: uncontrolled impulses

craft weapons 87
Description: problems of the past that come back

ship weapons 66
Interpretation of the dream: anxiety

buy weapons 44
Translation: anger

guard weapons 10
Dream description: difficult situations

stolen weapons 43
Meaning: past pleasures

trophy weapons 22
Translation of the dream: to strengthen relations

prohibited weapons 15
Interpretation: commitments to return

provide weapons 57
Sense of the dream: irreconcilable contrasts

piercing weapons 29
What does it mean: lack of understanding

hide weapons 52
Meaning of the dream: isolation and boredom

download weapons 49
Description: impulsive temperament

escort weapons 29
Interpretation of the dream: ruin of honest people or powerful man

brandish weapons 88
Translation: indecision and insecurity

pile of weapons 3
Dream description: big big dreams

workshop of weapons 3
Meaning: diseases

sharpening weapons 4
Translation of the dream: resistance to work

carry weapons 12
Interpretation: great fortune

burst of weapons 59
Sense of the dream: estrus

board weapons 68
What does it mean: good luck

piling weapons 52
Meaning of the dream: tranquility

collect weapons 1
Description: squabbles interest

sell weapons 44
Interpretation of the dream: serious disagreements

collection of weapons 44
Translation: pride and pride

chest with weapons 22
Dream description: good friendships

seize weapons 11
Meaning: head shots to avoid

concealed weapons 6
Translation of the dream: lasting impressions

handling of weapons 68
Interpretation: lawsuit

import of weapons 90
Sense of the dream: new facets of a relationship

travel with weapons 35
What does it mean: take a wife

fool around with weapons 31
Meaning of the dream: interior revolt

They face with weapons 45
Description: slander

misuse of weapons 40
Interpretation of the dream: deal that is successful

return money 73
Translation: serenity and balance

pack weapons 41
Dream description: need distension

arsenal of weapons 6
Meaning: guarantee for the future

destroy weapons 25
Translation of the dream: luck

kill with weapons 16
Interpretation: economic concerns

return letters 41
Sense of the dream: domestic troubles

present arms 60
What does it mean: strong annoyances

return from captivity 66
Meaning of the dream: Patience and perseverance

lay down arms 63
Description: vain imaginings

arms dealer 8
Interpretation of the dream: earnings

arms trade 4
Translation: malaise and fatigue

weapon room 63
Dream description: serene balance

return a book 70
Meaning: good friendship

return documents 32
Translation of the dream: intuition ready

return from a trip 52
Interpretation: overcoming difficulties

return from abroad 42
Sense of the dream: new projects

return at homeland 16
What does it mean: delight

return from war 50
Meaning of the dream: self-respect and pride

arms factory 8
Description: new events in the family

arms wounds 76
Interpretation of the dream: exaggerated harshness in speech

outbreak of firearms 76
Translation: business thwarted

offense for firearms 16
Dream description: loyalty and bravery

arms 77
Meaning: health