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Results of investigations. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream results of investigations. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

results of investigations 89
Meaning of the dream: request for cooperation

Returns 40
Description: make progress in their work

result 84
Interpretation of the dream: dispersive activities

toast to the outcome of a study 24
Translation: sweeping changes

get a bad result 51
Dream description: achieving a goal

get a good result 3
Meaning: nervous tension

Scientific findings 39
Translation of the dream: sudden success

The negative outcome 5
Interpretation: do you feel lonely

disappointment for a result 66
Sense of the dream: dispersive activities

happy outcome 54
What does it mean: moodiness and contrasts

obtain a result 2
Meaning of the dream: late news

predict an outcome 64
Description: pleasant surprises

result of an operation 19
Interpretation of the dream: encouragement and satisfaction

result of a problem 34
Translation: inner serenity

searching someone 17
Dream description: repressed desires

to investigate 76
Meaning: cunning enemies

bricklayers 24
Translation of the dream: good luck

bloodhound searching 27
Interpretation: new social relations

sports performance 60
Sense of the dream: You are in good health

see work bricklayers 62
What does it mean: optimal health

unfortunate outcome 32
Meaning of the dream: Fortunately in social life

screening 20
Description: you separate reports

tentative 76
Interpretation of the dream: determination and firmness

to examine 43
Translation: change of environment

check to see the day 45
Dream description: new hope

inquisition 51
Meaning: unscrupulous actions

parliamentary inquiry 33
Translation of the dream: success in love

check protested 41
Interpretation: important protections

written examination 45
Sense of the dream: collaborations difficult

electoral scrutiny 26
What does it mean: heavy duty

ecclesiastical investigation 85
Meaning of the dream: Business will have consequences

judicial inquiry 36
Description: economic complications

examine witnesses 9
Interpretation of the dream: disinterested advice

check deposition 76
Translation: confusion and nervousness

check damage 27
Dream description: ideas to be clarified immediately

check ancestral 37
Meaning: reckless actions

examine students 12
Translation of the dream: change of environment

check work 49
Interpretation: financial aid

check blade 37
Sense of the dream: You have acted badly and did not get anything

investigating judge 14
What does it mean: Face the difficulties of life by proceeding with ease

saber checked 18
Meaning of the dream: poverty or misfortune

bad check 65
Description: actions unbecoming

check engine 6
Interpretation of the dream: plans for the future

Commission of Inquiry 90
Translation: indulgence of children

check bank 57
Dream description: providential aid

check a car 20
Meaning: gain and security

examine schoolchildren 10
Translation of the dream: aid to be granted

postal check 56
Interpretation: incomes

check a budget 18
Sense of the dream: interesting offer

Inquisition inquisitor 1
What does it mean: innocence persecuted but triumphant

check a document 10
Meaning of the dream: confidences to avoid

examine radiography 39
Description: trust and honesty

scrutinize a person 2
Interpretation of the dream: lack of privacy

dinner with relatives 11
Translation: lack of confidence