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Rest and safety. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream rest and safety. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

security 36
Meaning of the dream: fulfill your obligations as a citizen

rest in the garden 71
Description: changing situation

hours of rest 79
Interpretation of the dream: happiness at home

rest in an oasis 43
Translation: overcome difficulties

safety valve 53
Dream description: consolation and assistance

heal with rest 26
Meaning: you have a few trusted friends

work without rest 80
Translation of the dream: decrease of vitality

safety shoes 67
Interpretation: rims are handled by someone

safety lock 14
Sense of the dream: of tension

safety vault 12
What does it mean: you have so many qualities that does not exploit

take rest 26
Meaning of the dream: anxiety and emotion

security room 6
Description: fears to be overcome

Brigadier public security 55
Interpretation of the dream: unscrupulous attitudes

Commissioner of Public Safety 80
Translation: bond of friendship alive and new

put someone to rest 24
Dream description: new interests

safety pin 57
Meaning: skills directives

rustic resting 32
Translation of the dream: increase security

yard at rest 73
Interpretation: new proposals

go to rest 17
Sense of the dream: needs exaggerated

bold at rest 21
What does it mean: serious inconveniences

Workers at rest 5
Meaning of the dream: famine, loss of property and wife

see reapers in rest 67
Description: penury

social Security 17
Interpretation of the dream: problems solved

security deposit 40
Translation: held favorable

masons at rest 41
Dream description: business stagnation

repose 36
Meaning: well-being and tranquility of mind

rest on their laurels 26
Translation of the dream: balance

rest on couches 27
Interpretation: long-term commitments

safety razor 31
Sense of the dream: good investment

hard hat 16
What does it mean: exploitation by relatives

safe-deposit box 72
Meaning of the dream: lack of freedom

lounge area 3
Description: you will be slandered

leave the rest 14
Interpretation of the dream: passion contrasted

forget the rest 66
Translation: satisfaction by a young

wait for the rest 75
Dream description: complex to be overcome

relaxation 59
Meaning: need for extreme caution in circumstances apparently easy and pleasant

stop short 78
Translation of the dream: small concession to do

break syringe 51
Interpretation: anxieties and nervousness

break mug 10
Sense of the dream: possessive love

comfort relatives 20
What does it mean: there is some family member that is hindering you

break shoe 44
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated pride

camel resting 81
Description: harmony in work

comfort or ease 36
Interpretation of the dream: disturbing thoughts

guard's bersagliere 2
Translation: requited love

idle 60
Dream description: abundance or good business

rip 31
Meaning: great activities

receive consolation 84
Translation of the dream: claiming entitlement

embroidered cushions 76
Interpretation: professional life hostile

physical discomfort 58
Sense of the dream: you need a rest

comfort 52
What does it mean: aid from third parties

waiting room 33
Meaning of the dream: perplexity and uncertainty

require a guarantee 76
Description: to avoid friction