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Request of eggs. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream request of eggs. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

satisfy a request 1
Meaning of the dream: serenity of spirit

frying eggs 25
Description: idealism and confidentiality

breaking eggs 45
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows

request service to someone 14
Translation: misfortunes at home

counting eggs 18
Dream description: encouraging news

make a request 66
Meaning: new aspirations

important request 12
Translation of the dream: Discussions with relatives

plenty of eggs 23
Interpretation: moodiness short

couple of eggs 75
Sense of the dream: intrigue difficult to thwart

refuse a request 81
What does it mean: hurdle

hen with eggs 33
Meaning of the dream: good inspirations

pan with eggs 6
Description: love happy

pasta with eggs 9
Interpretation of the dream: dissatisfaction and sadness

see many eggs 63
Translation: the wealth that you have to have deserved

omelet with eggs 62
Dream description: optimistic outlook

rotten eggs 82
Meaning: contrariness

nest with eggs 63
Translation of the dream: economic security

basket with eggs 40
Interpretation: welfare loss

Stuffed eggs 7
Sense of the dream: when you're at work you do not feel okay

eggs 50
What does it mean: fertility and birth

fresh eggs 71
Meaning of the dream: good opportunities

drink eggs 6
Description: favored career

whisk eggs 36
Interpretation of the dream: latent energies to be exploited

collect eggs 9
Translation: shyness and fear

cook eggs 57
Dream description: sincere feelings

hard-boiled eggs 23
Meaning: good romantic relationships

buy eggs 2
Translation of the dream: dangerous attachment

eggs in the henhouse 81
Interpretation: profitable business

chickens that make eggs 27
Sense of the dream: gain

fried eggs 4
What does it mean: self-love

take eggs from the chicken coop 19
Meaning of the dream: welfare and prosperity

Easter eggs 34
Description: success in work

see hens lay eggs 88
Interpretation of the dream: peace and contentment

request information 15
Translation: clarifications

request a certificate 44
Dream description: falsehood by friends

requirement 16
Meaning: programs to be reviewed

Herring with egg 35
Translation of the dream: intransigence exaggerated

albumen (egg) 68
Interpretation: abundance

submit an application 2
Sense of the dream: temporary postponement of projects

rejecting an application 36
What does it mean: genuine friendships

refuse an application 11
Meaning of the dream: faithful love

dirty with something or egg red 16
Description: persecution of enemies

shopkeeper egg 5
Interpretation of the dream: false situation

cooked egg 70
Translation: the luck on your side

egg fettuccine 15
Dream description: disappointments in love

parliamentary inquiry 33
Meaning: success in love

demand query 82
Translation of the dream: will become jealous

accommodate demand 32
Interpretation: deal that goes awry, during which escapes

solicit responses 10
Sense of the dream: discovery of a secret

solicits payment 50
What does it mean: delays in business

demand apology 13
Meaning of the dream: pleasant surprise

hatch 79
Description: long and gains

marriage proposal 30
Interpretation of the dream: programs to be reviewed

demand for goods 63
Translation: uncertain relationships

claim for taxes 70
Dream description: new events

ask for rescue 48
Meaning: indifference towards others

egg noodles 7
Translation of the dream: passing enthusiasm