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Repair a radiator. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream repair a radiator. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

repair a radiator 39
Meaning of the dream: precipitous actions

buy a radiator 10
Description: adventures passing

sell radiator 25
Interpretation of the dream: sudden trip

repair an error 1
Translation: confidential

repair the rack 80
Dream description: reconciliation with relatives

repair a sole 67
Meaning: eventful period

radiator machine 31
Translation of the dream: new facts

repair an alarm 57
Interpretation: confused

repair the radio 27
Sense of the dream: small loss

repair the bike 44
What does it mean: susceptibility and lack of reflection

repair a hairdryer 17
Meaning of the dream: you so stubbornly

repair the car 8
Description: scrupulousness in spending

repair 17
Interpretation of the dream: speculation undertaken not will fail


radiator 15
Translation: new facts

repair ointment 30
Dream description: inner satisfaction

repair items 85
Meaning: passive obedience

repair digger 38
Translation of the dream: haughtiness

repair television 53
Interpretation: sure guidelines

repair speaker 43
Sense of the dream: capacity of decision

valve repair 17
What does it mean: protection and windfall gains

manhole repair 6
Meaning of the dream: realizable and gain

repair shoes 15
Description: quiet life

do the repair 2
Interpretation of the dream: backbiting colleagues

amends for damage 48

be in charge of mending 16
Dream description: agreement pleasant

making or repairing heels 13
Meaning: home projects

auto repair shop 86
Translation of the dream: concerns that are going to fade away

mending sheets 14
Interpretation: resumption of activities

mending a shoe 87
Sense of the dream: great fortune

mechanic who repairs 87

fix up a house 82
Meaning of the dream: fighting spirit

seminarians in church 13
Description: Professional Success

seminarians singing 68
Interpretation of the dream: to avoid conflicts

fix an administration 47
Translation: unpleasant discovery

fix 42
Dream description: good chance to boost your work

turn on a heater 9
Meaning: embarrassing situation

mend 53
Translation of the dream: poverty and misfortune

mender 45
Interpretation: a friend you need in your helpers

claim damages 69
Sense of the dream: dangerous temptations

shed mender 7

renovating a home 8
Meaning of the dream: rapid changes

fix beforehand 8

mending clothes 36
Interpretation of the dream: major change

seminarians walking 83
Translation: good health

mending see 37
Dream description: reconciliation with a friend

fix children 85
Meaning: benefit safe

mending socks 53

fix the hair 59
Interpretation: secret pain

mending linen 49
Sense of the dream: quiet life

seminarians in the refectory 28
What does it mean: agreement in family

reforming military 45

fix a cabinet 68
Description: sudden aid

reforming laws 80

fix a framework 66

mending childhood 12

fix a road 3
Meaning: dangerous adventures

dormitory for seminarians 8
Translation of the dream: harmful interference

mending a tablecloth 63
Interpretation: maturation of ideas

mending a shirt 74
Sense of the dream: triumph over difficulties

fix a situation 11
What does it mean: punishment inflicted

fix a door 18
Meaning of the dream: envy declared

fix a house 17
Description: tranquility of mind