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Rename. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream rename. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

rename 41
Meaning of the dream: not to exclude people imported from your projects

mark 41
Description: you will be notified of a mishap

replace 20
Interpretation of the dream: commitments to be paid

custom label 43
Translation: sudden realization

to change 49
Dream description: prosperous business

Label the jar 21
Meaning: You are looking for comfort from someone

label brand 18
Translation of the dream: you are easily influenced

change something 7
Interpretation: something in your life does not go as you would like

renamed 11
Sense of the dream: do you feel lonely

changing table 20
What does it mean: pain and disappointments

change the dress 61
Meaning of the dream: culmination of dreams

change order 77
Description: loss of friendships

first name 18
Interpretation of the dream: you have forgotten your true self or your family roots

changing objects 16
Translation: deception in love

convert to God 90
Dream description: surprise

bad name 48
Meaning: excellent health

change home 10
Translation of the dream: reconciliation family

changing jobs 25
Interpretation: momentary embarrassment

change direction 81
Sense of the dream: gain that fades

short name 53
What does it mean: indiscretion of a friend

pseudonym 45
Meaning of the dream: hard times

record names 80
Description: prudence in spending

restructure 26
Interpretation of the dream: need for change

change a profession 40
Translation: desires absurd and unworkable

review 35
Dream description: you will be notified of a mishap

rehabilitate 83
Meaning: good inspirations

replanting 5
Translation of the dream: serenity and health

reproduce 85
Interpretation: clarification as to give

reuse 22
Sense of the dream: useful proposal

place names 77
What does it mean: you still have a lot of work

name Adam 88
Meaning of the dream: heavy duty

restart 19
Description: your relatives will turn to you

reopening 65
Interpretation of the dream: economic prosperity

falsify name 31
Translation: you're afraid of something

your name day 38
Dream description: wait a letter unwelcome

convert to another faith 29
Meaning: painful decisions

recollect a name 40
Translation of the dream: unusual happenings

reabsorb 8
Interpretation: squabbles interest

rearrangement 76
Sense of the dream: envious friends

call by name 83
What does it mean: satisfaction for your needs

restore 26
Meaning of the dream: useful meetings

redraft 16
Description: full success in every engagement

re-elect 38
Interpretation of the dream: excessive vanity

other name day 11
Translation: clashes of views with loved ones

name list 62
Dream description: reconciliation with relatives

recopy 48
Meaning: nervousness and agitation

repatriate 27
Translation of the dream: industriousness active

redyeing 10
Interpretation: discovery of vitality

resell 29
Sense of the dream: vile actions

rammagliare 11
What does it mean: casual attitudes

reenter 85
Meaning of the dream: reckless conduct

woman's name 16
Description: sense of justice

remember a name 21
Interpretation of the dream: vitality and momentum

celebrate a name day 51
Translation: very complex person

anagram 39
Dream description: you are in crisis

wish for the name day 38
Meaning: slander

castle rebuilt 9
Translation of the dream: melancholy

reweigh 55
Interpretation: conquest difficult