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Remove splinter of wood. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream remove splinter of wood. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wood splinter 2
Meaning of the dream: minor accident

splinter 24
Description: petty and trivial things that disturb

have a splinter in your finger 48
Interpretation of the dream: refund money

to remove 54
Translation: problems to be solved

remove someone something 45
Dream description: malicious gossip

remove the gag 7
Meaning: skillful diplomatic attitudes

remove or push aside 19
Translation of the dream: you will be persecuted

remove tie 78
Interpretation: obstacles and setbacks

remove the dentures 18
Sense of the dream: emotional unrest

remove bone 55
What does it mean: slight indisposition

remove nails 41
Meaning of the dream: You will break with a friend

remove the web 5
Description: successful outcome of financial firms

remove an obstacle 36
Interpretation of the dream: problems to be solved

remove rocks 84
Translation: health recovery

remove difficulties 46
Dream description: contrasts passengers

remove a corpse 12
Meaning: concerns about an elderly person

remove bandage 22
Translation of the dream: physical weakness

remove waste 19
Interpretation: excellent chance

remove the rind 56
Sense of the dream: squabbles interest

remove stains 21
What does it mean: Useful social relations

remove the gloves 68
Meaning of the dream: Useful social relations

remove from the tram 11
Description: mild pain

remove a table 18
Interpretation of the dream: disturbance of short duration

remove something from the hook 65
Translation: big win

remove a plug 10
Dream description: misunderstanding clarified

get remove tonsils 88
Meaning: pessimism and disappointment

remove the tablecloth 72
Translation of the dream: waivers and disappointments

remove the paint 81
Interpretation: unexpected circumstances

castrated see remove the bone 11
Sense of the dream: joy

remove pomegranate from the tree 2
What does it mean: good luck

remove part of the wall 45
Meaning of the dream: unjustified resentment

Remove bandage to an arm 44
Description: physical weakness

remove the bandage the leg 38
Interpretation of the dream: intuition ready

Remove bandage to a hand 56
Translation: difficult circumstances

Remove bandage to a foot 66
Dream description: trouble with family

remove stains a dress 59
Meaning: lovable character

remove stains from a hat 24
Translation of the dream: honesty and loyalty

remove stains from a carpet 25
Interpretation: brilliant statement

wood 24
Sense of the dream: discontent in family

amassing wood 13
What does it mean: disloyalty of friends

Amulet of wood 64
Meaning of the dream: events pleased

armful of wood 24
Description: inspirations for intellectual work

wood embers 73
Interpretation of the dream: concerns in love

burn wood 8
Translation: vivacity of ideas

axle wood 18
Dream description: long letter coming

kennel wood 15
Meaning: strength of character

cellar with wood 87
Translation of the dream: spontaneity criticized

basin wood 60
Interpretation: difficult negotiations

wood ash 33
Sense of the dream: negative attitudes

carve wood 45
What does it mean: conquest of goods

wood nail 9
Meaning of the dream: momentary pleasures

wood coffer 14
Description: realization of desires

duct wood 78
Interpretation of the dream: danger of hasty decisions

wood frame 31
Translation: recognition of merit

bonfires of wood 34
Dream description: rebellion against fate

wood fire 24
Meaning: attachment to the past

chop wood 47
Translation of the dream: favorable solution

burned wood 42
Interpretation: unpleasant embarrassment

wood burning 25
Sense of the dream: threads boring

green wood 49
What does it mean: premature decision

stacked wood 84
Meaning of the dream: illness of a relative

curved wood 25
Description: mishaps

ebony wood 67
Interpretation of the dream: projects materialized

piece of wood 81
Translation: indecision and perplexity

scrape wood 24
Dream description: desire for freedom