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Release a recommended. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream release a recommended. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

release a recommended 9
Meaning of the dream: happy news coming

package recommended 84
Description: pitfall hidden

recommended hand 80
Interpretation of the dream: happiness contrasted

receiving the recommended 74
Translation: high hopes

reject the recommended 4
Dream description: plans to change

recommended fine 26

release 72
Translation of the dream: sympathy and benevolence

sudden release 19
Interpretation: excellent chance

release received 70
Sense of the dream: expenses to be addressed

release a diploma 30
What does it mean: grudge

release a person 36
Meaning of the dream: change of ideas

release a prisoner 39
Description: contrasts with the elderly

release references 32
Interpretation of the dream: sympathy unrequited

release an innocent 65
Translation: sympathy and benevolence

release a woman 18
Dream description: deception uncovered

release a man 20
Meaning: Danger averted

release for amnesty 75
Translation of the dream: request for help

release for grace 41
Interpretation: happy solution

release for lighter penalty 87
Sense of the dream: repairable errors

set be released 72
What does it mean: loss of their property and charges

recommend a friend 24
Meaning of the dream: pain due to women

recommend a son 46
Description: good relations

recommend appropriate 59
Interpretation of the dream: judgments conventional

recommend 5
Translation: happy news coming

recommend discipline 54
Dream description: disorderly reactions

recommend obedience 16
Meaning: wisdom and prudence

recommend cleaning 90
Translation of the dream: physical endurance

recommend the study 13
Interpretation: vivacity of spirit

recommend prudence 88
Sense of the dream: still work

recommending a secret 1
What does it mean: dangerous opponent

recommend reading 57
Meaning of the dream: goodwill

recommend a person 74
Description: opportunism and cunning

recommend a schoolboy 45
Interpretation of the dream: aid from relatives

recommend a letter 15
Translation: unfounded fears

recommend a package 3
Dream description: likely trip

reclaim a recommendation 47
Meaning: small gain

be released from secret 33
Translation of the dream: profitable business

recommendation 39