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Relatives wait. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream relatives wait. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wait for 63
Meaning of the dream: with patience you reach your goal

to wait in the hall 32
Description: quarrels

wait a man 64
Interpretation of the dream: Good news

wait a woman 45
Translation: discrete news

wait for the coincidence 4
Dream description: new favors from a friendship

wait novelty 31
Meaning: programs to change

wait for the rest 75
Translation of the dream: complex to be overcome

wait for a signal 76
Interpretation: troubling news

lie in wait 21
Sense of the dream: betrayal and falsehood

wait for the tram 73
What does it mean: aid determinants

wait for verdict 70
Meaning of the dream: serious problem to be solved

wait in the vestibule 67
Description: success merits

wait long 89

customers wait 81

wait in the car 69

wait for the evening 76

wait a lover 37

wait a Friend 16
Interpretation: Good news

people wait 47

wait a relative 75

wait in an airport arrival 42
Meaning of the dream: safety in the future

wait at a bus stop 24
Description: inability to fight

look for relatives 89
Interpretation of the dream: brilliant location

relatives 33
Translation: error, malice, bad news

help relatives 40
Dream description: exaggerated optimism

have relatives 42
Meaning: self control

liked by relatives 57

cause with relatives 6
Interpretation: small problems

please the relatives 84

Take a bite with relatives 33
What does it mean: nuisance

to get angry about relatives 82
Meaning of the dream: disappointments from a friend

angry with relatives 74
Description: discord in the work

meeting relatives 31
Interpretation of the dream: insult

agony of relatives 14
Translation: danger

harboring relatives 60
Dream description: sadness from a letter

alliance between relatives 7
Meaning: healthy insights

cheer relatives 9
Translation of the dream: support from friends

relatives to stay 60
Interpretation: sadness from a letter

appearance of relatives 18
Sense of the dream: tranquility of mind

arrival of relatives 82
What does it mean: false friends around you

grumble with relatives 16
Meaning of the dream: prudence in business dangerous

cohabit with relatives 62
Description: new programs

leave of relatives 16
Interpretation of the dream: next happiness

plot by relatives 79
Translation: successfully delayed

compromise with relatives 17
Dream description: distrust of the next

condescension towards the relatives 61
Meaning: loss of a friend

feud with relatives 11
Translation of the dream: discouragement to overcome

dinner with relatives 11
Interpretation: lack of confidence