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Relative wounded. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream relative wounded. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

relative submissive 33
Meaning of the dream: professional prestige

thank a relative 19
Description: heightened sensitivity

walk with relative 6
Interpretation of the dream: alternation of events

receive a relative 2
Translation: Decision actions

threaten a relative 67
Dream description: lack of objectivity

recognize a relative 71
Meaning: loyal character

discredit a relative 51
Translation of the dream: loss of protection

flatter a relative 16
Interpretation: fake friends

favoring a relative 68
Sense of the dream: litigation

highly placed relative 72
What does it mean: momentary infatuation

help a relative 23
Meaning of the dream: industrious

kiss a relative 76
Description: adversity in family

wait a relative 75
Interpretation of the dream: mortification

decay of a relative 66
Translation: sadness and melancholy

detest a relative 24
Dream description: excitability and improvidence

invite a relative 86
Meaning: character grumpy

slander a relative 50
Translation of the dream: little constancy in work

rob a relative 5
Interpretation: collapse of hopes

butcher wounded 30
Sense of the dream: anxieties and worries of short duration

facilitate a relative 80
What does it mean: joyfulness

defame a relative 41
Meaning of the dream: loss of protection

see a relative 81
Description: affective inconstancy

awaken a relative 38
Interpretation of the dream: expenses to control

avenge a relative 80
Translation: unpleasant surprises

delegate a relative 3
Dream description: worrying physical fatigue

deny a relative 45
Meaning: return of money

pray coffin of a relative 4
Translation of the dream: deep pain that will determine a change of conduct

sorrow for a relative 76
Interpretation: programs hindered

hug a relative 45
Sense of the dream: good organization

embrace a relative 60
What does it mean: ideas shot down

hitting a relative 18
Meaning of the dream: injustice

accommodate a relative 12
Description: unforeseen expenses

devoted to a relative 43
Interpretation of the dream: situations cheated

heir of a relative 45
Translation: favors granted

wary of a relative 8
Dream description: friendship of older people

inherit from a relative 39
Meaning: novelty in the family

cobbler wounded 68
Translation of the dream: advantageous purchases

conspired wounded 23
Interpretation: economic improvement

swordsman wounded 63
Sense of the dream: harmful interference

herald wounded 67
What does it mean: you feel humiliated

take advantage of a relative 80
Meaning of the dream: sadness passing

marry a relative 72
Description: unnecessary waiting

accompany a relative 55
Interpretation of the dream: you contrasts of interest

losing a relative 68
Translation: quiet wedding

effigy of a relative 80
Dream description: happiness and peace

sick wounded 42
Meaning: sensuality exaggerated

Archduke wounded 42
Translation of the dream: do a trip

darted wounded 52
Interpretation: you re depressed, unmotivated

owl wounded 5
Sense of the dream: you're too honest

nightingale wounded 4
What does it mean: difficulties in friendships

English wounded 80
Meaning of the dream: animated discussion

canary wounded 42
Description: exaggerated optimism

conciliator wounded 37
Interpretation of the dream: provocations by enemies

Commodore wounded 56
Translation: insecurity

eunuch wounded 7
Dream description: receipts of money

scab wounded 79
Meaning: realization of desires

Lancer wounded 19
Translation of the dream: careerism

kill a relative 12
Interpretation: loss of money

lieutenant wounded 33
Sense of the dream: you want more serenity

adulterer wounded 84
What does it mean: certain period of work stress