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Related blacks spiders. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream related blacks spiders. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

horses blacks 39
Meaning of the dream: harassment

gloves blacks 15
Description: Unexpected failure

shrimp blacks 80
Interpretation of the dream: tenacious rancor

mustache blacks 25
Translation: thwarted love

figs blacks 12
Dream description: commitments embarrassing

eyes blacks 43
Meaning: business complex to be solved

blacks birds 2
Translation of the dream: unnecessary anxiety

trousers blacks 73
Interpretation: rumors from a friend

team of horses blacks 89
Sense of the dream: risky business

beans blacks 68
What does it mean: desires achievable

truffles blacks 90
Meaning of the dream: clarification difficult

hair black 7
Description: contacts to resume

dark hair 3
Interpretation of the dream: differences in family

black lashes 27
Translation: risky business

black sideburns 81
Dream description: you are arrogant

black shoes 81
Meaning: profitable activities

black teeth 14
Translation of the dream: external protection

spinning 46
Interpretation: anxieties

arms tied 8
Sense of the dream: complicated situations

tribe of Negroes 8
What does it mean: masked enemy

tarantula 26
Meaning of the dream: you ll have a great regret and you must leave home for a while

black olives 12
Description: embarrassing reports

related 70
Interpretation of the dream: attention to the coming dangers

black grapes 33
Translation: momentary discouragement

black clouds 2
Dream description: concerns

spider catching flies 9
Meaning: success happy and great satisfaction

Saint Philip Neri 74
Translation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

vineyard black grapes 32
Interpretation: interior renewal

related artery 26
Sense of the dream: physical strength

kid tied 15
What does it mean: reckless actions

deer tied 6
Meaning of the dream: Decision to be taken

see spider webs 84
Description: enmities secret

spinning cotton 53
Interpretation of the dream: happy event affective

cat purring 61
Translation: need for calm

peasant spinning 80
Dream description: prudence and concentration

flax to spin 51
Meaning: rivalry secret

woman spinning 11
Translation of the dream: your warm love will not be paid

hemp to spin 34
Interpretation: interesting acquaintances

black strings 66
Sense of the dream: sick passenger

melted for spinning 42
What does it mean: Work nagging

black figs 90
Meaning of the dream: Accept envy

black goats 27
Description: brief illness or minor success

black typeface 22
Interpretation of the dream: look elsewhere to vent your frenzy

about 86
Translation: disturbing thoughts

Freemasons 67
Dream description: recklessness on the part of a friend

have relatives 42
Meaning: self control

others relatives 41
Translation of the dream: trouble

risk to the game 13
Interpretation: discords

foster parents 31
Sense of the dream: pleasure trip

be connected 4
What does it mean: trap

belonging to the Communist Party 77
Meaning of the dream: business view

Crazy tied 66
Description: instant results

spider 88
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels, discussions

horse tied 66
Translation: danger of exploitation