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Regain confidence. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream regain confidence. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

regain confidence 14
Meaning of the dream: clear days

lose confidence 71
Description: adaptation difficult

confidence in the future 32
Interpretation of the dream: helpful tips

confidence in a successful 21
Translation: Company nice

regain protections 69
Dream description: trouble passing

confidence 66
Meaning: relief

ensure confidence 34

steal trust 9
Interpretation: lack of reflection

regain freedom 81
Sense of the dream: excessive pride

regain friendship 85
What does it mean: situation to be resolved

guarantee with confidence 65

regain memory 89
Description: you managed to overcome a conflict

trust wife 74
Interpretation of the dream: intimate aspirations

trust husband 65
Translation: Intent achieved

trust relatives 18

vote of confidence 26
Meaning: clear ideas

trust lover 87

enjoy trust 83
Interpretation: happy hours

take advantage of the trust 29

win back love 17
What does it mean: apprehensions sentimental

trust children 12
Meaning of the dream: need for relaxation

reclaim a legacy 50
Description: great concern

trust of parents 66

trust of employees 60
Translation: Heavy duty

recover an account 3
Dream description: agitation and malaise

recover stolen goods 72
Meaning: original ideas

recover a wreck 30
Translation of the dream: living memories

recover sight 26
Interpretation: need affection

recover lost things 34
Sense of the dream: unexpected change

enjoy with confidence 65

question of trust 74
Meaning of the dream: decisions to be cultivated

reclaim the swamp 10
Description: confidence in the future

reclaim a voice 74
Interpretation of the dream: new incentives for work

reclaim a recommendation 47
Translation: small gain

recover objects 40
Dream description: unforeseen expenses

recover money 81

recover in health 81
Translation of the dream: malaise of short duration

recover financially 78
Interpretation: need saving

recover credits 6
Sense of the dream: opportunities to be exploited

trusting to the priest 90

recover 20
Meaning of the dream: disordered thoughts

reenter 85

trust domestic 11

trust the brother 21

trust documents 72

trust the father 7
Meaning: settlement of differences

trusting the doctor 60

trusting a crime 66

trusting an error 71

reread a book 61
What does it mean: moral serenity

faith in justice 44
Meaning of the dream: approvals for work

reattach a battle 85
Description: willingness enterprising

reclaim insistently 43
Interpretation of the dream: Company risky

confide 89
Translation: pessimism and laziness

re-elect 38
Dream description: excessive vanity

restore order 3
Meaning: organizational capacity

recover a debt 12
Translation of the dream: dangerous hazards

restore an object 41
Interpretation: unexpected profit

restore a book 22
Sense of the dream: serenity of mind

reattach a button 74
What does it mean: satisfactory balance

restore a church 67
Meaning of the dream: renewal energies

restore a building 2
Description: reveries dangerous

trust someone 50
Interpretation of the dream: relief

reactivate a bridge 14
Translation: excellent benefits

reactivate a trade 6
Dream description: complex close

acquire rights 36
Meaning: hesitation and doubts

reactivate a road 43
Translation of the dream: disorderly actions