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Red apple on shelf. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream red apple on shelf. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

apple red 69
Meaning of the dream: interesting novelty

seize apple 7
Description: opportunity to take flight

cut apple 49
Interpretation of the dream: you shall separate

apple 21
Translation: disappointment in love

eating apple 70
Dream description: slim consolation

apple essence 90
Meaning: changes in position

rotten apple 6
Translation of the dream: a welcome surprise

Winter apple 80
Interpretation: good friendships

apple green 85
Sense of the dream: important trip

apple poorly cooked 60
What does it mean: ill health

apple pancake 48
Meaning of the dream: you will be logged gentleman

cored apple 2
Description: exciting adventure

eating a green apple 20
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows, troubles

apple lemongrass 45
Translation: trip to return

Apple Orange (tree) 15
Dream description: innocence, famine

apple umbrella 51
Meaning: missed opportunity

rose apple 70
Translation of the dream: arguments for interest

shelf open 32
Interpretation: plenty of money

red braid 68
Sense of the dream: strange adventure

shelf fell 16
What does it mean: misunderstandings in the family

red cheek 32
Meaning of the dream: health hazard

red muslin 34
Description: gossip and slander

apple peel 84
Interpretation of the dream: You know a better person

red apples 69
Translation: interesting novelty

red wax 71
Dream description: willingness relentless

eva with apple 69
Meaning: righteousness and loyalty

empty the shelf 40
Translation of the dream: comfort from friends

fill the shelf 10
Interpretation: momentary enthusiasm

shelf 36
Sense of the dream: calm atmosphere

ripe apple 87
What does it mean: tenacity in work

apple branch 21
Meaning of the dream: Danger averted

apple rose 70
Description: knowledge important

shelf for dishes 33
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected meeting

red cherry 22
Translation: new sympathy

red beard 13
Dream description: struggles to deal

Red flag 84
Meaning: happy event

Red onion 57
Translation of the dream: you will be slandered

stick with golden apple 42
Interpretation: ephemeral enthusiasm

shelf full 31
Sense of the dream: fleeting pleasures

Red earth 38
What does it mean: anxieties and fears

red rubber 60
Meaning of the dream: some themes retaliation

Empty shelf 17
Description: misunderstanding with employees

red sand 78
Interpretation of the dream: new horizons

red tongue 66
Translation: your way to protect themselves from the harsh reality of life

Red Moon 55
Dream description: evidence of common sense

Red Cross 65
Meaning: sign of healing

red light 41
Translation of the dream: concerns

red base 87
Interpretation: misfortune

shelf of closet 78
Sense of the dream: letters traveling

tattoo of a red rose 80
What does it mean: repressed in the love life

character print red 13
Meaning of the dream: good intentions

shelf with dishes 31
Description: judgments little goals

shelf with bottles 39
Interpretation of the dream: Perfect Health

shelf with objects 23
Translation: physical renewal