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Receive vegetables. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream receive vegetables. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

drain vegetables 14
Meaning of the dream: dangerous business

pick vegetables 68
Description: family trouble

weigh vegetables 77
Interpretation of the dream: realizable illusory

seasonal vegetables 63
Translation: unexpected solution

forkful of vegetables 20
Dream description: harassment passing

sow vegetables 25
Meaning: speculation success

bench vegetables 10
Translation of the dream: poor luck

uproot vegetables 26
Interpretation: personal evolution

load vegetables 33
Sense of the dream: unusual encounter

receive gems gift 37
What does it mean: unhappiness

clean vegetables 75
Meaning of the dream: talk in the family

fruit and vegetables 39
Description: Fortunately coming

receive boxes 51
Interpretation of the dream: love declaration

receive novelty 12
Translation: rewarding profession

ravioli of vegetables 14
Dream description: polemic

receive mussels 42
Meaning: happiness and peace

cut vegetables 54
Translation of the dream: good ideas

receive emerald 71
Interpretation: ephemeral illusions

receive topaz 71
Sense of the dream: illusion of short duration

season vegetables 34
What does it mean: adversity and failures

receive coins 15
Meaning of the dream: flattering promises

receive consolation 84
Description: claiming entitlement

receive brochures 22
Interpretation of the dream: clarity of ideas

receive orchids 82
Translation: faithful friends

boor with vegetables 54
Dream description: deception discovered with surprise

fry vegetables 6
Meaning: projects contrasted

receive the host 18
Translation of the dream: inner peace

receive promise 81
Interpretation: disorderly life

receive the dedication 63
Sense of the dream: supports friendly

receive the increase 57
What does it mean: you are too optimistic

receive wealth 10
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

receive roses 45
Description: requited love

receive perfumes 15
Interpretation of the dream: you will receive some good news

receive a slap 84
Translation: something you hurt

receive the lawsuit 48
Dream description: excessive enthusiasm

receive the answer 11
Meaning: unnecessary waiting

receive a postcard 27
Translation of the dream: new friendships

receive a contribution 7
Interpretation: fortitude

vegetables out of season 50
Sense of the dream: commitments to be

receive surprise 26
What does it mean: danger of scams

pancake with vegetables 77
Meaning of the dream: They expect serious troubles

receive news 3
Description: confidences to avoid

receive a proposal 14
Interpretation of the dream: quick decision-making

cooked vegetables 13
Translation: capacity building

receive the Bible 45
Dream description: Initial difficulties

appetizer of pickled vegetables 44
Meaning: successful combination

receive cheers 7
Translation of the dream: flattery fatuous

receive honorary 9
Interpretation: mental reservations

receive foreign 78
Sense of the dream: arrival of a friend

grow vegetables 16
What does it mean: good business

boil vegetables 61
Meaning of the dream: position ensured

gardener planting vegetables 29
Description: agreement in family

receive Popularity Birch 89
Interpretation of the dream: useful meetings

pan with vegetables 87
Translation: sustainable prosperity

receive punches 10
Dream description: quarrels with neighbors

receive gifts 41
Meaning: misery, vexation, boredom

receive property 45
Translation of the dream: possible marriage

wash vegetables 22
Interpretation: physical endurance

cook vegetables 40
Sense of the dream: good health

receive greetings 74
What does it mean: harmony passing