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Receive mussels open. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream receive mussels open. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mussels open 77

receive mussels 42
Description: happiness and peace

mussel or mussels 45
Interpretation of the dream: peace fertility and profitable times

buy mussels 58
Translation: roll up their sleeves for an intensive work

sell mussels 7
Dream description: solitude

giving mussels 73
Meaning: happiness and peace

closed mussels 18

mussels in the pan 54

throw in your face to someone mussels 48
Sense of the dream: They are not honest with someone

be invited to eat mussels 6
What does it mean: presence of someone who has bad opinions about you

open 81
Meaning of the dream: disillusion loving

open the eyes 29
Description: disillusion loving

open your mouth 3
Interpretation of the dream: vanity punished

open arms 27
Translation: fights with enemies

open the window 35
Dream description: Good news coming

open shutters 18
Meaning: serious danger averted

open a book 64
Translation of the dream: purchase of favors

open a safe 56
Interpretation: waste of money

open a chest 44
Sense of the dream: protections for the elderly

open a letter 24
What does it mean: hopes dashed

open wardrobe 9
Meaning of the dream: next ailments

mouth open 86
Description: continuous contrasts

not being able to open the mouth 53
Interpretation of the dream: recklessness in danger

open the hatch 13
Translation: new possibilities in work

open gate 16
Dream description: major changes

open the drawer 8
Meaning: money refund

open the latch 67
Translation of the dream: lucky in love

open manhole 40
Interpretation: Work inconclusive

scar open 2
Sense of the dream: danger passed

hood open 48
What does it mean: damage and losses

open an account 49
Meaning of the dream: Lost Illusions

open safe 15
Description: mild illness

open window 43
Interpretation of the dream: increasing business

open the oven 16
Translation: intense activity

open padlock 35
Dream description: emotional situation calm

open eyes 79
Meaning: right insights

open umbrella 43
Translation of the dream: adaptability and fortune

open the oyster 23
Interpretation: be happy

open a sheepfold 2
Sense of the dream: argument and discussion with neighbors

Open a pack 87
What does it mean: trouble passing

building open 56
Meaning of the dream: career advancement

open parachute 4
Description: innate optimism

open the dustbin 74
Interpretation of the dream: sentimental adventure

Persian open 56
Translation: mental clarity

open sore 54
Dream description: vain illusions

open door 68
Meaning: harmony of relationships

open the door 1
Translation of the dream: new relationships

open your mail 16
Interpretation: uncertainty as to overcome

open a door 28
Sense of the dream: imminent danger to health

eyelid open 40
What does it mean: curiosity

open the blinds 4
Meaning of the dream: I like making new friends and getting to know different people

delicatessen open 55
Description: waiting anxiously

shelf open 32
Interpretation of the dream: plenty of money

to open crates 48
Translation: exciting work

open furniture 14
Dream description: thoughtlessness

to open a lock 88
Meaning: rich imagination

to open a window 19
Translation of the dream: haughtiness

compartment open 68
Interpretation: definite arrangements to be taken

open casket 24
Sense of the dream: Backed by a friendly face

open the stable 21
What does it mean: excellent prospects

open the lock 56
Meaning of the dream: interesting developments

open lock 47
Description: new possibilities

throw open 74
Interpretation of the dream: intelligence vivid

open a studio 3
Translation: new hope

open tabernacle 63
Dream description: initiatives guess

open theater 14
Meaning: resolutions postponed

open grave 77
Translation of the dream: regret

Open bus 27
Interpretation: deep emotion

see a open bus 49
Sense of the dream: new events