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Receive friendship visit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream receive friendship visit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

receive a visit 17
Meaning of the dream: Ad rather unpleasant

friendship 17
Description: aspects of your personality that you refused

friendship new 23
Interpretation of the dream: little ailments

old friendship 17
Translation: obstacles to overcome

notice of a friendship 7
Dream description: passion

ambiguous friendship 37
Meaning: wise reflections

friendship renewed 71
Translation of the dream: excessive irritation

friendship route 13
Interpretation: false mirages in the work

friendship interested 87
Sense of the dream: fortitude

disappointment in friendship 61
What does it mean: inconstant love

disapprove friendship 9
Meaning of the dream: Late regrets

token of friendship 60
Description: errors to be repaired

losing a friendship 35
Interpretation of the dream: lack of courage

proof of friendship 14
Translation: important agreements

Relationship of friendship 20
Dream description: intimacy to defend

revive a friendship 28
Meaning: torments unnecessary

reciprocate friendship 64
Translation of the dream: claiming entitlement

regain friendship 85
Interpretation: situation to be resolved

deny friendship 81
Sense of the dream: lack of understanding

inconvenient friendship 44
What does it mean: knowledge important

tighten friendship 81
Meaning of the dream: spiritual interests

treaty of friendship 16
Description: concessions to do

Women friendship 7
Interpretation of the dream: selfdoubt

friendship of men 35
Translation: dangerous enemies

false friendship 26
Dream description: momentary setbacks

clean friendship 39
Meaning: complicated problems

true friendship 84
Translation of the dream: quarrels

meal of friendship 86
Interpretation: attached to the family

captivate friendship 11
Sense of the dream: you are sad

declaration of friendship 90
What does it mean: interesting experiences

frankness in friendship 66
Meaning of the dream: you will find many obstacles in your resolutions

spoil a friendship 67
Description: excessive imprudence

faithless friendship 63
Interpretation of the dream: next delusions

continue a friendship 16
Translation: sentimental harmony

contracting a friendship 45
Dream description: gumption

visit welcome 43
Meaning: unexpected gain

do a visit 72
Translation of the dream: to avoid impulsive actions

visit 16
Interpretation: reconciliation with a friend

visit academy 35
Sense of the dream: obstacles

say goodbye after a visit 73
What does it mean: poor understanding

visit sick 64
Meaning of the dream: liberation from regret

visit an abbey 55
Description: a woman you closer

visit a jail 74
Interpretation of the dream: demonstrations of trust

surgeon visit 15
Translation: serious decisions to make

visit a city 37
Dream description: knowledge important

see or visit a ghetto 38
Meaning: do not trust the woman who interests you

visit the madhouse 79
Translation of the dream: conflicts with superiors

timely visit 15
Interpretation: heartbreak

pastoral visit 22
Sense of the dream: benefit safe