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Receive a talisman. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream receive a talisman. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

receive an assignment 38
Meaning of the dream: inner turmoil

receive a complimentary 56
Description: backbiting colleagues

receive gems gift 37
Interpretation of the dream: unhappiness

receive a slap 84
Translation: something you hurt

receive a postcard 27
Dream description: new friendships

receive a script 35
Meaning: friendships safe

receive a contribution 7
Translation of the dream: fortitude

receive a relative 2
Interpretation: Decision actions

receive boxes 51
Sense of the dream: love declaration

receive novelty 12
What does it mean: rewarding profession

receive a proposal 14
Meaning of the dream: quick decision-making

receive mussels 42
Description: happiness and peace

receive emerald 71
Interpretation of the dream: ephemeral illusions

receive topaz 71
Translation: illusion of short duration

receive coins 15
Dream description: flattering promises

receive consolation 84
Meaning: claiming entitlement

receive brochures 22
Translation of the dream: clarity of ideas

receive orchids 82
Interpretation: faithful friends

receive biscuits 54
Sense of the dream: good news in the family

receive the host 18
What does it mean: inner peace

receive promise 81
Meaning of the dream: disorderly life

receive a good omen 31
Description: You need to clarify your relationship with a friend or rival

receive the dedication 63
Interpretation of the dream: supports friendly

receive the increase 57
Translation: you are too optimistic

receive a packet 17
Dream description: disappointment

receive wealth 10
Meaning: waste of money

receive roses 45
Translation of the dream: requited love

receive perfumes 15
Interpretation: you will receive some good news

receive the lawsuit 48
Sense of the dream: excessive enthusiasm

receive the answer 11
What does it mean: unnecessary waiting

receive an orphan 15
Meaning of the dream: conclusion of business

receive a baggage 20
Description: unfortunate mishap

receive an object 22
Interpretation of the dream: hassles of everyday life

receive a envelope 18
Translation: sadness

receive a lighter 38
Dream description: He surprised by a son

receive a herd 25
Meaning: honor

receive a wrong 87
Translation of the dream: wounded pride

receive an injury 71
Interpretation: someone is not happy with you

receive an encouragement 88
Sense of the dream: inner security

receive surprise 26
What does it mean: danger of scams

receive doll as a gift 66
Meaning of the dream: consolations of old friends

receive a trunk 20
Description: mischievous reasoning

receive an invitation 69
Interpretation of the dream: passing pleasures

receive an outrage 73
Translation: next advantages

receive a gift 31
Dream description: delight

receive greetings 74
Meaning: harmony passing

receive an invoice 18
Translation of the dream: you have an enemy

receive perfume as a gift 7
Interpretation: promises to keep

receive vase as a gift 5
Sense of the dream: Understanding loving

receive a cable 11
What does it mean: novelty very helpful

receive an observation 4
Meaning of the dream: Effective collaboration

receive news 3
Description: confidences to avoid

receive an affront 88
Interpretation of the dream: dispute at home

receive the Bible 45
Translation: Initial difficulties

receive a receipt 52
Dream description: difficult choice

receive Popularity Birch 89
Meaning: useful meetings