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Reaction of the patient. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream reaction of the patient. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

reaction 2
Meaning of the dream: slander of relatives

patient 46

ambulance with a patient 16
Interpretation of the dream: support from children

assisting a patient 31
Translation: rapid convalescence

stretcher with a patient 26
Dream description: intrigues foiled

chemical reaction 64
Meaning: adaptable character

violent reaction 70
Translation of the dream: slander of relatives

reaction of a man 70
Interpretation: situation disappointing

reaction of a woman 24
Sense of the dream: emotional sensitivity

religious at a patient 15
What does it mean: obstacles overcome

quiver of impatience 23
Meaning of the dream: envy and gossip

impatience 62
Description: slowly reach the goal

patience 48
Interpretation of the dream: envy and gossip

patience with children 82
Translation: high hopes

patience with the sick 24
Dream description: lightheartedness

infinite patience 76
Meaning: dangerous temptations

lose patience 59
Translation of the dream: sick passenger

not having patience 35
Interpretation: new hope

games of patience 45
Sense of the dream: confusion of ideas

replicate patiently 64
What does it mean: Anxiety and fear

reactivate 34
Meaning of the dream: excellent benefits

reactivate a bridge 14
Description: excellent benefits

reactivate a road 43
Interpretation of the dream: disorderly actions

reactivate a trade 6
Translation: complex close

reactivate a motor 21
Dream description: goodwill

snorting with impatience 11
Meaning: secrets to be preserved

droop of impatience 45
Translation of the dream: lucky in love

nurse with patients 86

hospital patients 70

protect patients 66

reactionary 17