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Quadruplet month jump. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream quadruplet month jump. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lose the quadruplet 51
Meaning of the dream: tiring shooting

play the quadruplet 88
Description: warnings to follow

win the quadruplet 68
Interpretation of the dream: waiting anxiously

spring month 4
Translation: hassle nearby

jump horse 72
Dream description: lack of enthusiasm

quadruplet 8
Meaning: warnings to follow

see deer jump 24
Translation of the dream: fun with friends

frog jump 36
Interpretation: proof of love

end of month 22
Sense of the dream: improvements and promotions

jump 16
What does it mean: You ll come out unscathed from danger

kid jumping 41
Meaning of the dream: inner resources

jockey jumping 25
Description: needs to resize

chamois jumping 34
Interpretation of the dream: accumulated work to be done

Cricket jumping 65
Translation: contrasts as not to aggravate

homeless man jumping 28
Dream description: serenity of judgment

canary jumping 89
Meaning: probability of changes

powder keg jumping in the air 10
Translation of the dream: radical change

four months 12
Interpretation: discomforts and anxieties

jumping sheep 53
Sense of the dream: Guilt


eel jumping 40
What does it mean: gambling losses

animal jumping 50
Meaning of the dream: good business performance

toad jumping 8
Description: odd news

flea jumping 23
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows and troubles

Athlete jumping 59
Translation: good social skills

jump out the window 16
Dream description: Excessive passion

jump from the plane 26
Meaning: great misfortune and sadness

jump from the window 21
Translation of the dream: unbridled passion

jump from a tree 34
Interpretation: Danger averted

jump from the stairs 64
Sense of the dream: Domestic troubles

jump from a wall 23
What does it mean: fear inconsistent

pay a monthly 90
Meaning of the dream: flattering promises

heel 77
Description: you still have to work hard to get what you want for a long time

two months 61
Interpretation of the dream: realizations unrealized aspirations

fourfold 78
Translation: proposals devious

birds hopping 31
Dream description: realization

summer months 7
Meaning: novelty coming

boys jump 70
Translation of the dream: Recessed

high heels 14
Interpretation: economic issues to be resolved

heeled leather 29
Sense of the dream: curiosity satisfied

jump rope 32
What does it mean: generous impulses

jump into the fire 41
Meaning of the dream: jolt settling

jump into a well 12
Description: bad thoughts

jump a hedge 84
Interpretation of the dream: uncontrolled actions

jump into the sea 18
Translation: improvements to be made

jump over a ditch 38
Dream description: You will overcome the difficulties

jump out of bed 31
Meaning: loss of friendship

calends 80
Translation of the dream: tumultuous relations

jump tree frog 35
Interpretation: sentimental intrigue

jump with a parachute 21
Sense of the dream: kindness toward the family

jump off a tower 76
What does it mean: revealing dreams

autumn months 9
Meaning of the dream: lively imagination

fourfalling 74
Description: melancholy

shooting at four 60
Interpretation of the dream: flattering promises

quintuplet 66
Translation: indecision

fourengined aircraft 68
Dream description: great aspirations

kangaroo jumping 67
Meaning: Fortunately variable

four-horse chariot 58
Translation of the dream: tranquil spa