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Put on his helmet. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream put on his helmet. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

put on his helmet 9
Meaning of the dream: embarrassing choice

helmet 42
Description: warlike times

helmet sports 84
Interpretation of the dream: best missed opportunities

warrior helmet 29
Translation: next disgust, discontent

astronaut helmet 36
Dream description: support to be given to a young man

Hairdresser's helmet 23
Meaning: unjustified fears and anxiety

put on his hat 45
Translation of the dream: good solutions

ancient helmet 50
Interpretation: fair play

aviator helmet 56
Sense of the dream: emotions and desires

mane helmet 32
What does it mean: businesses difficult

helmet Steel 21
Meaning of the dream: major gains

Firefighter's helmet 35
Description: serious embarrassments

leather helmet 30
Interpretation of the dream: new commitments to be

put on pajamas 32
Translation: unhappy passion

motorcycle helmet 70
Dream description: castles in the air

put on lipstick 70
Meaning: risky assumptions

put a turban on his head 18
Translation of the dream: novelty providential

put on perfume 58
Interpretation: frivolous thoughts

to put on the spurs 12
Sense of the dream: wait anxiously the success of a deal

put on foot 25
What does it mean: good business and good tidings

put a ring 66
Meaning of the dream: love relationship

put something in its place 86
Description: good prospect of better times

put opposition 81
Interpretation of the dream: emotional crisis

put the keys in his pocket 72
Translation: uncertainty about what to do

put the watch in his pocket 20
Dream description: important novelty

put the wig 29
Meaning: friendliness friendships

hard hat 16
Translation of the dream: exploitation by relatives

put 17
Interpretation: He is all in good time

sway to put 62
Sense of the dream: solicitude of relatives

Serve 87
What does it mean: you are satisfied with your work

put on horseback carrying a letter 74
Meaning of the dream: things unpleasant and unwelcome news

put labels 21
Description: knowledge to be cultivated

put pants 57
Interpretation of the dream: supports valid

put crowns 29
Translation: inconsistency in work

put sausages 32
Dream description: beautiful omen

to put on a headset 73
Meaning: hurt the boss

put corals 18
Translation of the dream: resentment and bitterness

put the reins 10
Interpretation: concerns about an elderly person

put boots 9
Sense of the dream: safety and precision

put a gag 55
What does it mean: threat of disease

put obstacle 48
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

put in the hole 6
Description: small problems to solve

put in quarantine 14
Interpretation of the dream: stop in the activity

put a fence 48
Translation: professional projects

put the tablecloth 9
Dream description: joyful expectation

put your feet 8
Meaning: minded

hull (of the ship) 46
Translation of the dream: good job in sight

wear armour 42
Interpretation: constant work

put in a column 30
Sense of the dream: you lack the right level of detail in the work

put in alarm 81
What does it mean: responsibility falls

put your panties 81
Meaning of the dream: conduct changeable and inconstant