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Puppy dolphin. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream puppy dolphin. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dolphin 37
Meaning of the dream: fidelity both in friendships that affections

puppy 39
Description: Love for children

dolphin at sea 26
Interpretation of the dream: emotional states to balance

dolphin playing 37
Translation: whims passengers

injured dolphin 52
Dream description: welcome meeting

dead dolphin 81
Meaning: confidences wrong

find and get a puppy 56
Translation of the dream: you adopt a child

sick puppy 43
Interpretation: a mild disease may strike your child

puppy giraffe 74
Sense of the dream: need for new knowledge

raising a puppy 35
What does it mean: bond happy

breastfeed puppies 70
Meaning of the dream: bad omens

beast with puppies 38
Description: exaggerated optimism

bloodhound with puppies 65
Interpretation of the dream: trouble from letters and writings

wooden puppet 16
Translation: cheerfulness justified

puppet wax 90
Dream description: demonstration of gratitude

recitation of puppets 77
Meaning: organizational capacity

puppet 48
Translation of the dream: cheerfulness

kennel with puppies 39
Interpretation: devoted friends

see or do a puppet 77
Sense of the dream: snares of woman

designed puppet 48
What does it mean: physical fatigue

puppet carved 9
Meaning of the dream: complications and troubles of all kinds

puppets 1
Description: subordinates, zealous in domestic production of the acts of these puppets

be a puppet 62
Interpretation of the dream: humiliation

the puppet 11
Translation: love making decisions

puppet theater 3
Dream description: new experiences

cabin puppet 24
Meaning: in general

hut by puppets 84
Translation of the dream: you regretted some choice

puppet with wires 39
Interpretation: exceptional strength

metal puppet 65
Sense of the dream: justified expectations

bitch with puppies 3
What does it mean: complex situation

puppet that moves 16
Meaning of the dream: visits to relatives

puppet with wire 45
Description: disillusionment