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Punish guilty. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream punish guilty. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

punish workers 17
Meaning of the dream: persecution, slander

punish employees 41
Description: intolerance of others

unfairly punish 34
Interpretation of the dream: delays and cancellations

punish priests 29
Translation: extravagant spending

punish monks 17
Dream description: agitation and extravagance

punish relatives 12
Meaning: your position very stable

punish people 80
Translation of the dream: deceptions hidden

punish a child 6
Interpretation: economic concerns

punish 16
Sense of the dream: danger of breakage

punish rightly 86
What does it mean: sense of responsibility

punish an innocent 46
Meaning of the dream: troubling news

punish animals 76
Description: favors granted

punish students 63
Interpretation of the dream: Bad mood

punish their children 50
Translation: exaggerated emotionality

woman guilty 56
Dream description: intolerance and nervousness

prisoner guilty 24
Meaning: stormy period

guilty 32
Translation of the dream: strange situations

see guilty be sentenced 58
Interpretation: struggles and disputes

guilty acquitted 2
Sense of the dream: unexpected aid

plead guilty 68
What does it mean: prodigality harmful

a guilty man 44
Meaning of the dream: strange situations

be guilty 15
Description: great pain

feeling guilty 69
Interpretation of the dream: new guidelines

guilty of murder 51
Translation: sudden incidents

guilty of theft 75
Dream description: substantial damage

guilty of treason 22
Meaning: Heavy duty

plead not guilty 16
Translation of the dream: unexpected luck

punishing children 18
Interpretation: long-term commitments

chastising nuns 24
Sense of the dream: sudden loss

sentindose guilty 23
What does it mean: welfare

query a guilty 16
Meaning of the dream: achievements

find a culprit 64
Description: secret fears

unpunished thief 53
Interpretation of the dream: decrease of vitality

adultery punished 61
Translation: next payout

hitman unpunished 58
Dream description: many concerns

impertinence punished 14
Meaning: pleasant changes

unpunished wrongdoer 81
Translation of the dream: infirmity

crime unpunished 68
Interpretation: Contrast irreparable

infanticide unpunished 62
Sense of the dream: gain

convicted of slander 11
What does it mean: renovation

convicted of forgery 4
Meaning of the dream: sick passenger

convicted of theft 13
Description: tranquility of mind

Convicted of Murder 60
Interpretation of the dream: bad intentions

castigate sons 37
Translation: danger of breakage

convicted of fraud 69
Dream description: tests estimate

convicted of wounding 64
Meaning: anxiety and emotion

convicted of fratricide 37
Translation of the dream: problems in the family

convicted of patricide 75
Interpretation: good health

evildoer punished 50
Sense of the dream: amazement

infanticide punished 38
What does it mean: visit

punishment 29
Meaning of the dream: fortune

unpunished 65
Description: purposes to be achieved

Forced convict 1
Interpretation of the dream: shame, despair

convict pardoned 71
Translation: agreement and peace in the family

sick convict 90
Dream description: earned success

manslaughter 26
Meaning: wrong views

convict dead 45
Translation of the dream: little attention in the actions