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Punches on the ribs. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream punches on the ribs. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

receive punches 10
Meaning of the dream: quarrels with neighbors

punches on the face 38
Description: misguidance

punches 21
Interpretation of the dream: unlucky in love

see strong ribs and large 88
Translation: luck in marriage

punches in the back 21
Dream description: difficult relations

pull no punches 67
Meaning: inflexible character

breaking ribs 7
Translation of the dream: discord to married

stronger ribs and wide normal 82
Interpretation: marital happiness happy from the family or by those who administer the assets or business of the dreamer

have broken ribs or bruised 18
Sense of the dream: quarrels between spouses, followed by great repentance, or simply, with relatives of either sex, and in relation to the sex of the dreamer

download of punches 86
What does it mean: thoughts of revenge

beaten on the hands 76
Meaning of the dream: anxiety secret

beaten on the legs 21
Description: inconstancy in love

beaten on the arms 43
Interpretation of the dream: anger and quarrels

battering blows 74
Translation: prosperity

stumbling on the stairs 62
Dream description: unmet expectations

to punch 34
Meaning: collapse of hopes

beaten on the shoulders 37
Translation of the dream: you have too many envy

bruises on the legs 80
Interpretation: disputes and ruptures

wound on the hands 45
Sense of the dream: processing projects

whipped on the legs 12
What does it mean: conflict disadvantageous

count on the fingers 9
Meaning of the dream: cunning and guile

scar on the arms 22
Description: little kindness from friends

boxer on the ropes 17
Interpretation of the dream: unpleasant disillusionment

exchange blows 31
Translation: realization of credits

sleeping on feathers 80
Dream description: achieving a goal

rib roast 46
Meaning: disinterested advice

38 - Smorfia classic: blows 38

kiss on the lips 31
Interpretation: ups and downs of mood

walking on the stones 7
Sense of the dream: pain and suffering

blowing on his hands 35
What does it mean: sudden fright

be on the Alps 75
Meaning of the dream: healthy aspirations

railings on the windows 23
Description: sadness

press on the shoulders 17
Interpretation of the dream: good insights

rest on couches 27
Translation: long-term commitments

walk on the rubble 67
Dream description: you feel too pessimistic

waves on the rocks 58
Meaning: success in business

scar on his hands 81
Translation of the dream: waste of money

scar on his legs 9
Interpretation: lack of enthusiasm

advertising on the walls 28
Sense of the dream: lively discussion

He pees on 84
What does it mean: thwarted love

sick on stretchers 50
Meaning of the dream: exploitation by friends

eagle on the emblem 12
Description: correspondence with good news

bucket on the well 71
Interpretation of the dream: displays of affection

Printing on leather 33
Translation: amazing adventures

upon seeing insects 58
Dream description: you ll get into trouble

engrave on wood 36
Meaning: tiring work albeit with very positive results

paint on glass 38
Translation of the dream: unwillingness

wear armour 42
Interpretation: constant work

slipping on ice 63
Sense of the dream: affirmation difficult