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Punches on the ribs. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream punches on the ribs. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

breaking ribs 7
Meaning of the dream: discord to married

have broken ribs or bruised 18
Description: quarrels between spouses, followed by great repentance, or simply, with relatives of either sex, and in relation to the sex of the dreamer

see strong ribs and large 88
Interpretation of the dream: luck in marriage

stronger ribs and wide normal 82
Translation: marital happiness happy from the family or by those who administer the assets or business of the dreamer

punches 21
Dream description: unlucky in love

punches on the face 38
Meaning: misguidance

punches in the back 21
Translation of the dream: difficult relations

receive punches 10
Interpretation: quarrels with neighbors

download of punches 86
Sense of the dream: thoughts of revenge

pull no punches 67
What does it mean: inflexible character

fight punch 87
Meaning of the dream: offenses

falcon punch 8
Description: pleasure

punching (pun intended) 66
Interpretation of the dream: cheerfulness

punch 80
Translation: inflexible character

preparing a punch 72
Dream description: discord with friends

offer a punch 26
Meaning: sacrifices to bear

drink a punch 75
Translation of the dream: new projects

punched in the head 11
Interpretation: joy short-lived

to punch 34
Sense of the dream: collapse of hopes

punch (alcoholic drink) 34
What does it mean: friendliness of friends

throw a punch 14
Meaning of the dream: emotion and ambition

give it a shot to punch or slap 7
Description: peace and love in the family success in his loves

punch in the face 90