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Pulpit the preacher. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pulpit the preacher. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pulpit the preacher 26
Meaning of the dream: pride satisfied

preacher in the pulpit 8
Description: you will have a lot of patience before projects are to be successful

pulpit empty 2
Interpretation of the dream: agitation useless

wooden pulpit 65
Translation: comfortable lifestyle

climb in the pulpit 38
Dream description: ambition and vanity

stone pulpit 40
Meaning: unexpected novelty

preach from the pulpit 56
Translation of the dream: changing situation

pulpit 12
Interpretation: agitation useless

preacher 56
Sense of the dream: charity, kindness

friar preacher 31
What does it mean: strong impediments

painter lectern 52
Meaning of the dream: small defeat

church lectern 83
Description: shyness to win

theater stage 9
Interpretation of the dream: bitter experiences

platform 80
Translation: lack of courage

rotating platform 78
Dream description: changing character

contribute to a professorship 65
Meaning: lack of sociability

stage director 71
Translation of the dream: combative nature

podium 70
Interpretation: fortune

platform cab 48
Sense of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

empty podium 12
What does it mean: obstacle avoidance

launching platform 80
Meaning of the dream: lack of courage

stage to the authorities 63
Description: interesting discoveries

singer on stage 56
Interpretation of the dream: you're trying to understand your ideas to someone

speaker on stage 59
Translation: obstacles with authorities

forefront of a stage 39
Dream description: agreement thwarted

mayor on stage 70
Meaning: new ideals

soprano on stage 36
Translation of the dream: uncertain situation

Democrat on stage 35
Interpretation: small woes

thrown from the stage 82
Sense of the dream: gossip that will displease

fall from the podium 58
What does it mean: great success

being on stage 74
Meaning of the dream: jealousy and contrasts

platform from states 64
Description: new relationships

exposing himself on stage 8
Interpretation of the dream: obstacles

get off the platform 27
Translation: indecision and timidity

be on a forum 18
Dream description: passing enthusiasm

footrest of the chair 69
Meaning: outstanding qualities

be on the podium 22
Translation of the dream: pride and arrogance

wings hat 17
Interpretation: heartbreak

mime on stage 19
Sense of the dream: right judgment

thing of the past 77
What does it mean: unreasonable obstinacy

heartbeat 55
Meaning of the dream: hidden love

podium with the director 61
Description: great notoriety

River bank 81
Interpretation of the dream: ambitions ambitious

treasury bills 55
Translation: harmony in the family

devil's horns 77
Dream description: losses and damages

blessing of the bishop 40
Meaning: stubbornness

market Square 26
Translation of the dream: surprises with money

seashore 2
Interpretation: indolence and inertia

rise of sun 50
Sense of the dream: excellent prospects

track Wolf 52
What does it mean: health concerns

victim of duty 83
Meaning of the dream: temporary separation

edge of the well 67
Description: trip to return

election of the king 61
Interpretation of the dream: propitious days

council budget 54
Translation: quarrels that will end up in good