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Pull shit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pull shit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shit 53
Meaning of the dream: money

eat shit 11
Description: uncertainty, infamy

shit in the foot 21
Interpretation of the dream: windfall

Fly shit 61
Translation: ambitions to be braked

shit baby 3
Dream description: fruitfulness and abundance

great shit 26
Meaning: hopes and ideals

shit with worms 76
Translation of the dream: Good news

pull the birds 80
Interpretation: pitfalls

pull a cart 65
Sense of the dream: repair of a fault

pull a curtain 68
What does it mean: poor discipline

pull the strap 30
Meaning of the dream: poor luck

pull the gun 9
Description: risk of accidents

pull no punches 67
Interpretation of the dream: inflexible character

71 - Smorfia classic: man shit 71

dog shit 8
Dream description: consistency in the actions

pull kisses 87
Meaning: happy hours

pull the string 56
Translation of the dream: aid kinship

pull 32
Interpretation: nostalgic spirit

horse shit 4
Sense of the dream: malicious gossip

pull a stone 40
What does it mean: contrasts with the outside world

pull the target 8
Meaning of the dream: emotions and desires

pull the bellows of a blacksmith 52
Description: bad luck to the game

pull a wagon 20
Interpretation of the dream: emotional complications

see pull confetti 79
Translation: Action unreasonable

Pull fencing 8
Dream description: small contrasts

pulling nails 5
Meaning: tough love

pull the rope 4
Translation of the dream: expectations disappointed

throw confetti 43
Interpretation: fanaticism momentary

shoot rockets 38
Sense of the dream: Limited activity

draw the bow 5
What does it mean: desire to please

draw water 6
Meaning of the dream: a nice novelty

draw the string 28
Description: dissimulation

throw a stone 36
Interpretation of the dream: melancholy

hair pulling 68
Translation: disorderly actions

take advantage of the money 50
Dream description: attention to their own interests

take advantage of relatives 50
Meaning: melancholy

draw from life 68
Translation of the dream: lucrative contracts

take advantage of the trust 29
Interpretation: your loved one very close

take advantage of a relative 80
Sense of the dream: sadness passing

draw wheat from something 46
What does it mean: disease

dirt 5
Meaning of the dream: fortune

pulled down 54
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

mess 23
Interpretation of the dream: woe, suffering

revoke 86
Translation: good fit

muscle strain 54
Dream description: impulsiveness

nastiness do 85
Meaning: unexpressed feelings

fuck filth 41
Translation of the dream: abandonment of the father or marital home

shoot 71
Interpretation: many enemies

throwing stones 52
Sense of the dream: illusions and extravagances

hat dirt 51
What does it mean: oppositions in business

hood dirt 25
Meaning of the dream: abundance

closet dirt 37
Description: contrasts sentimental

pennant dirt 69
Interpretation of the dream: resistance tests

throw stones 42
Translation: you strike an opponent violently

draw out 5
Dream description: particularly bad news about the debts

prolong illness 44
Meaning: lack of indulgence

mess time 41
Translation of the dream: interesting tips