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Profess a doctrine. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream profess a doctrine. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

profess a doctrine 76
Meaning of the dream: interesting discovery

deny a doctrine 87
Description: low intelligence

Christian doctrine 1
Interpretation of the dream: you go up a great honor

profess 50
Translation: exaltation of short duration

spread a doctrine 52
Dream description: quality artistic

profess an idea 19
Meaning: missed opportunity

profess a religion 1
Translation of the dream: happy omen

profess an art 22
Interpretation: exaltation of short duration

gage 69
Sense of the dream: commitments to maintain

precept 81
What does it mean: final decision

complaint 30
Meaning of the dream: unnecessary waiting

good teaching 62

bad teaching 49

confess guilt 65
Translation: sacrifices and privations

confess to a friend 46
Dream description: trust of your friends

religious dogma 13

demonstrate a principle 64
Translation of the dream: inner tranquility

teaching writing 14
Interpretation: inner conflicts

confess their sins 37
Sense of the dream: unreasonable fees

convert to another faith 29
What does it mean: painful decisions

reaffirm a principle 48
Meaning of the dream: blandishments of love

teaching science 89

affirm a principle 60
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous stubbornness

teaching algebra 35

Abbot who confesses 8
Dream description: concerns

teach an alphabet 8
Meaning: lack of concentration

altruism 57
Translation of the dream: serenity conquered

teach beasts 22
Interpretation: next visit

teach mice 13
Sense of the dream: misery

teach birds 40
What does it mean: pains secrets

teach parrots 37
Meaning of the dream: gossip of neighbors

teach fleas 60
Description: betrayal of love

teach monkeys 78
Interpretation of the dream: loss of confidence

teach horses 31
Translation: vivacity of spirit

teach an illiterate 31
Dream description: misplaced trust

business directory 47
Meaning: ill health

a brutal teacher 72
Translation of the dream: reduced activity

teacher's desk 66
Interpretation: safe location

Chair with Professor 69
Sense of the dream: decisions to make

colonel in full uniform 7
What does it mean: benefits from work

Colonel commanding 81
Meaning of the dream: new ties

colonel to field 6
Description: boredom and melancholy

Colonel riding 74
Interpretation of the dream: business trip

Colonel in war 39
Translation: momentary discouragement

Colonel who greets 15
Dream description: frantic activity

Colonel degraded 81
Meaning: intrigues of love

Colonel wounded 30
Translation of the dream: deception as to avoid

Colonel dead 68
Interpretation: failure

talk to Colonel 42
Sense of the dream: complicated business that are fixed

contribute to a professorship 65
What does it mean: lack of sociability

plead guilty 68
Meaning of the dream: prodigality harmful

practice a profession 31
Description: serious and lasting ties

cabala 75
Interpretation of the dream: affliction misery

university faculty 3
Translation: unsuspected energies

political faith 23
Dream description: apparent generosity

learn a profession 55
Meaning: passing enthusiasm

teach 8
Translation of the dream: lack of concentration

teach to walk 15
Interpretation: false security

teach reading 24
Sense of the dream: intelligent reflection

teach dance 77
What does it mean: to avoid risky actions