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Pro cousin. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream pro cousin. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cousin 33
Meaning of the dream: visit sudden or unexpected news, not pleasant

look like the cousin 64
Description: inability to concentrate

abandoned by his cousin 24
Interpretation of the dream: awards undeserved

draft a project 23
Translation: deception

abortion procured 17
Dream description: misfortune

aside problems 8
Meaning: distrust of the next

shelve projects 20
Translation of the dream: dangerous temptations

consent to a project 17
Interpretation: lack of energy

approach 4
Sense of the dream: secret fears

approach the window 34
What does it mean: little annoyances

approach the sidewalk 39
Meaning of the dream: good profits

approach by boat 17
Description: scarce possibilities

approach with the machine 7
Interpretation of the dream: unnecessary waiting

approach religion 68
Translation: tranquility of mind

approach a person of high rank 27
Dream description: honors

approach a snake 66
Meaning: fulfillment in love

accurate project 84
Translation of the dream: small defeat

provide drinking water 32
Interpretation: serenity

join a project 28
Sense of the dream: happiness satisfied

approach a woman 74
What does it mean: Profits in business

halberdier in procession 1
Meaning of the dream: caution

Property manager senior 21
Description: vivacity of ideas

uprooted tree 80
Interpretation of the dream: Family disputes

entice a proposal 31
Translation: sense of measure

student of prose 68
Dream description: nervousness accentuated

mix a project 73
Meaning: imprudence dangerous


love a prostitute 4
Translation of the dream: lust for life

property administrator 4
Interpretation: need for new responsibilities

marry a prostitute 55
Sense of the dream: the end of a friendship

frolicking with a prostitute 4
What does it mean: betrayal close

proclamation 86
Meaning of the dream: They will suffer bad things

proclamation of war 60
Description: strife and discord in the family

read a proclamation 8
Interpretation of the dream: rivalry to deal

proud appearance 84
Translation: Sudden movement

Church property 45
Dream description: Economic instability

government property 88
Meaning: need for aid

prompter's box 36
Translation of the dream: ephemeral achievements

be approached by a high-ranking person 16
Interpretation: honor and profit

approached by a snake 66
Sense of the dream: Fortunately for all activities

announce or proclaim 16
What does it mean: troubles in marriage

bees that make honey on your property 8
Meaning of the dream: spirit of consideration, eloquence and total success of your business and your projects

promoter author 88
Description: you conduct most of your business

He is approached by a woman 47
Interpretation of the dream: humiliation

approach by a person 16
Translation: honors

approach someone 65
Dream description: you ll have a new relationship