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Private chapel in the house. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream private chapel in the house. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

private chapel 18
Meaning of the dream: difference of opinion

chapel 11
Description: ties with foreigners

balustrade of a chapel 14
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected benefit

papal chapel 58
Translation: Danger averted

Royal Chapel 30
Dream description: personal charm

episcopal chapel 17
Meaning: family needs

chapel of cardinals 61
Translation of the dream: excellent directives

family chapel 25
Interpretation: ties with foreigners

musical chapel 22
Sense of the dream: new proposals

public chapel 38
What does it mean: spiritual torment

mortuary chapel 54
Meaning of the dream: sense of self worth

white chapel 50

colored chapel 44

chapel with flowers 72

chapel of felt 89

chapel of straw 29

chapel cloth 55

Silk chapel 87

black chapel 28

pink chapel 51


private use 41
Meaning of the dream: ticklish situation

private business 12
Description: loss to the game

private library 62
Interpretation of the dream: sure way

private park 13
Translation: indissoluble bonds

private detective 78
Dream description: emotional ties unstable

proclaim in private 76
Meaning: laziness and discouragement

scandalize in private 13
Translation of the dream: mood changes

private writing 44
Interpretation: News coming soon

private school 24
Sense of the dream: gradual improvement

private road 3
What does it mean: days relaxing

private audience 16
Meaning of the dream: meeting dates

private office 16
Description: misjudgments

private dance 62

private toilet 18

private clinic 30

private porter 60

private newspaper 15

private health 26

insult in private 15

private lot 27

private oratory 50

private villa 75

private activities 65

private hunting 43

private party 77

waiter to private home 19
Meaning: isolation from family

private boarding school 84
Translation of the dream: disillusionment affective

see a house 89
Interpretation: new friends

new house 3
Sense of the dream: invitations pleasant

old house 27
What does it mean: loss of friends

leave the house 10
Meaning of the dream: benefits

beautify the house 18
Description: loss of property

lonely house 3
Interpretation of the dream: high hopes

decorate the house 36
Translation: unannounced visits

rent a house 75
Dream description: next arrival of money

fix a house 17
Meaning: tranquility of mind

to house friends 17
Translation of the dream: joy in the family

to house nuns 19
Interpretation: craftiness

to house pilgrims 3
Sense of the dream: demonstration of loyalty

height of a house 29
What does it mean: insight in the work

furnish the house of others 87
Meaning of the dream: ingenuity at work