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Prison priest cross. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream prison priest cross. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

prison 87
Meaning of the dream: not allowed to express yourself

full prison 84
Description: change activity

wet prison 87
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties and humiliation

pastoral cross 80
Translation: honors and awards

dark prison 36
Dream description: high hopes

Military Prison 89
Meaning: deceptions hidden

cold prison 90
Translation of the dream: good omen; fortune

cross woman 21
Interpretation: prestigious position

Cross mortuary 30
Sense of the dream: reassuring news

priest 22
What does it mean: little sincerity in the family or partner

political prison 72
Meaning of the dream: good solutions

cross found 47
Description: uncontrolled impulses

cross torrent 68
Interpretation of the dream: sense of duty

prison for men 65
Translation: dangerous temptations

prison with stairs 41
Dream description: claiming entitlement

cross of love 42
Meaning: good social skills

brass cross 36
Translation of the dream: burning Love

find the cross 47
Interpretation: harmful gossip

secret prison 52
Sense of the dream: willingness weak

metal cross 6
What does it mean: discovery of intrigue

empty prison 40
Meaning of the dream: Late repentance

grateful prison 45
Description: repentance

abandoned prison 5
Interpretation of the dream: contrariness

small prison 64
Translation: sad days

decorate a cross 66
Dream description: Health Concerns

collar priest 14
Meaning: bright ideas

abuse priest 22
Translation of the dream: disappointment in love

remand prison 67
Interpretation: constant hard work and

guillotine priest 50
Sense of the dream: oppositions in business

prison guardian 45
What does it mean: period of nervousness

priest who scandalizes 4
Meaning of the dream: no confidence in people

painted cross 34
Description: faithless friends

prison infirmary 61
Interpretation of the dream: important events

Women in prison 78
Translation: certain damage

priest baptizes 16
Dream description: new hope

bishop's cross 62
Meaning: do not trust the people

escape from prison 80
Translation of the dream: fighting energy

silver cross 25
Interpretation: dangerous illusions

open prison 46
Sense of the dream: you are the victim of gossip

murderess prison 79
What does it mean: difficulties of adaptation

priest wounded 10
Meaning of the dream: restlessness and dissatisfaction

walk towards the prison 8
Description: bad experiences

hat priest 3
Interpretation of the dream: bad mood

prison warden 4
Translation: irritability from curb

priest reading 6
Dream description: good organization

clothing priest 47
Meaning: insecurity

priest with children 37
Translation of the dream: Understanding affective

delivered to prison 44
Interpretation: financial backers

coat priest 40
Sense of the dream: work difficult

prostrate before the cross 63
What does it mean: errors to be repaired

the cross on the altar 60
Meaning of the dream: economic hardship

Prison for Women 55
Description: unjust accusations

leave prison 87
Interpretation of the dream: secret fears

golden cross 12
Translation: reconciliation and new projects

held in prison 47
Dream description: insults to forget