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Princess diana. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream princess diana. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

princess diana 70
Meaning of the dream: important loves

holy diana 38
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

princess 89
Interpretation of the dream: you feel the center of attention

Princess theater 30
Translation: wrong settings

Princess with Prince 4
Dream description: little trust and confidence in ourselves

Princess carriage 50
Meaning: imminent return of a loved one

see or talk to Princess 49
Translation of the dream: pride and arrogance

see or wear princesse 78
Interpretation: curiosity

duchess 66
Sense of the dream: bad omens

dina 65
What does it mean: live a moment of strong emotional sensitivity

furniture princely 59
Meaning of the dream: you have too many responsibilities

barking of a watchdog 20
Description: good news

barking at the moon 48
Interpretation of the dream: protection

be a beggar 58
Translation: changes

meet a beggar 66
Dream description: revenge

give alms to a beggar 80
Meaning: Good speculation

blind beggar 21
Translation of the dream: fake friends

crippled beggar 24
Interpretation: inheritance

beggar thief 56
Sense of the dream: discover pleasant

beggar drunk 61
What does it mean: danger of slander

grant an advance 17
Meaning of the dream: deal failed

worship the moon 16
Description: joys of short duration

affirm a principle 60
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous stubbornness

crowds of beggars 54
Translation: vile actions

sunrise with the moon 23
Dream description: fortune

harboring priests 15
Meaning: News coming soon

be student 36
Translation of the dream: fag

student of sculpture 54
Interpretation: know-how

student of painting 69
Sense of the dream: overwhelming logic

Dance Student 30
What does it mean: vanity

student of gymnastics 13
Meaning of the dream: opportunism

student of prose 68
Description: nervousness accentuated

student of singing 26
Interpretation of the dream: chatter dangerous

student military 80
Translation: Revenge of jealousy

student of marine 17
Dream description: resentment justified

student of music 20
Meaning: inconsistency in decisions

student school 30
Translation of the dream: rebellion of the beloved

student pilot 82
Interpretation: godsend

lunar halo 81
Sense of the dream: unnecessary quarrels

kneeling before an altar 56
What does it mean: dispersion of forces

diligent student 33
Meaning of the dream: trust in others

student listless 17
Description: prudence with documents

student rebel 3
Interpretation of the dream: new openings in the labor

student respectful 10
Translation: change of ideas

moon glow 86
Dream description: affinity of tastes

witch with gifts 5
Meaning: excessive generosity

cap student 19
Translation of the dream: revolutionary ideas

prompter's box 36
Interpretation: ephemeral achievements

be stopped by a beggar 22
Sense of the dream: thou shalt well-being from your wisdom

advance of money 49
What does it mean: bad deal

antemeridian 89
Meaning of the dream: next trip

see brig in harbor 82
Description: letter

seeing navigate brig 41
Interpretation of the dream: major gains

be approached by a prince 16
Translation: honor and profit

watchdog 18
Dream description: new commitments